Tuesday, December 16, 2008

blah diddy blah blah

Last night was my last organized fitness class for 2008. It was hard for some reason. I had to drop to no weights for squats. I hate that. I don't think it was necessarily a mental failure (as in I just couldn't handle it anymore) nor was it more than I can physically handle. I think there is another thing that comes into play sometimes, not sure exactly what, something like your energy level and what you ate and how much sleep you got. whatever it was, it wasn't working in my favor yesterday. I did still have a good workout, some muscles are sore and I was definately out of breath yesterday.

I think I need to see the sun a bit more. There are less than 8 hours of sunshine here now. And they're all when I'm in my windowless office at work. When it's dark it makes me sleepy.

I cooked up some spaghetti and meatsauce for supper last night. It was very delicious, I baked mine with some cheese. But I don't think I can eat pasta any more. It just leaves me feeling too bad. (physically). I had a fairly large serving, but nothing really ridiculous, I baked it in a mini-muffin pan, so what's that? a cup and a half? Anyway, I ate at like 6:00 last night. I woke up this morning at 6:30 with a sore stomach, the same feeling as when you're way too full and your tummy hurts from it. weird huh? Even if I hardly eat any pasta, it just doesn't sit well in my stomach for some reason. I also cut up a bunch of veggies and ate it with a little bit of sour cream dip I made.

Hubby and I also had another talk about the weight loss thing. He was doing very well, then sort of forgot about it, and has since rebounded to 190 lbs (he's only 5'5, so that's a BMI of 31.6 and that's obese. I think he would be quite suprised to hear this). All his friends are just slightly bigger guys (you know, average guy, bit of a beer belly maybe, bigger than they were in high school right?) and they're in the 200s, so he feels like his weight's not so bad. But he doesn't realize these gusy are like 6-10" taller than he is. However, at his Christmas party on the weekend, his new suit (the one we got because he didn't fit in his other suits) was tight on him. So his former plan of basically waiting until the new year to do anything about it was bumped up. He got off work early so went to the gym for an hour yesterday and said he'd be doing that more often. Plus we talked a bit about food and he's going to try and bring salads for lunch more. I told him how he should be eating more vegetables (half his plate) and he basically asked me to start cooking only healthy food. Which is no problem since that's pretty much what I've been doing. However there are times when I cook something different for him than for me. so that will stop. Sort of excited about it. I've sort of lost my big motivation but hopefully just by doing this and helping him I'll see some results.

Oh, we even took before pictures of hubby. Very cool. Maybe after my busy week here we'll set up a real plan and some goals and set weekly and monthly check ins. Excited.

Today is my last free day before my uncomfortable situations kick in. So of course I filled it with other things. It's my brother's birthday so I'll be dropping off a present for him (billabong bunnyhug), plus hubby needs a christmas present at Can tire and the sale ends today so gotta do that. ALSO planning on a trip to the gym to run out some frustration and keep myself destressed. (love the treadmill, plus I remembered my mp3 player!)

Oh, funny thing. I bundled myself all up last night and took Daisy for a walk. With the super cold temperatures she's been in her kennel all day instead of outside and has been acting a big bananas. So I was all bundled up and could handle probably up to half an hour (-40 with the wind chill.) so we just sort of wandered around the park near our house for awhile. I don't know how long we were out when she started lifting her paws off the snow (walking on 3 legs for a bit, then switching feet) so I decided home time. We got to the end of our street and she just seemed really cold, sort of limping (maybe I should buy her booties, she'd never wear them though...). So I asked her if she wanted to come up (she knows that one) and she stopped and turned around. So I carried my 40 lb dog home from our walk. How ridiculous is that? There is absolutely nothign Daisy likes more than going outside and sniffing and running and just going for a walk (even more than treats!) and she was cold enough that I had to carry her. She was done. That was a nice bit of exercise for me.

Anyway, lunch time. Been eating my chickpea curry lately. Filling and yummy. Only need 2 (maybe 3) more work lunches before Christmas! (next week i'm going out one day with the girls) Plus 24 hours from now, my work evaluation will be over and I'll know if I'm getting a raise or bonus or whatever.



tash said...

wow that's cold!

Vanessa said...

Hooray for hubby! It's been -40 or lower with the windchill here lately too. Marty just can't handle it :(

Sara said...

hot dayum that is cold. yeah if it were that cold I wouldn't be heading outside - so good for you and for carrying your dog home - so cute!!

yay for the hubby!

For the tabatas I do:
squats 20s on, 10s off repeat 8x

So I complete an exercise before moving on.

Lainey said...

That's cute about having to carry your dog home! It's been really cold here, too (Calgary), and today it's positively balmy out at -12!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. As for the TOPS dinner, it's a once a year thing, and I guess they expect you to eat responsibly when you go out just like at any other time. It's my spaghetti night anyway, so I'm not worried about the pasta.

You're right about not trusting the results when you way every day. My general trend is down, but I don't like seeing the number go up! But yeah, it changes if I wait 10 minutes, so I know, I know. And yes, bouncing around 220 is definitely better than dancing above 220!

Bi0nicw0man said...

Aw, poor puppy! What a good doggy mommy you are for carrying the little beast home. :)

Good luck with hubby. DBF has fallen off his diet wagon as well and doesn't take it well if I try to intervene so I'm hoping he gets back on track in the New Year. It's so much nicer when it's a team effort!

Angie All The Way said...

Awww poor little Daisy's paws! Lucy would be the same way, yet wouldn't wear the booties either.

I still make two separate meals every night for supper for me and hubs. Most people say they wouldn't do it, but fact is that I'm not going to let his issues with eating vegetables influence my goals and if I left him to his own devices he'd be eating hotdogs and fries every day and I can't have that either. He says this new year there will be some changes on his end and he's never said that before *fingers crossed*

I'm really glad that you're happy with your body and if you are then there's no sense putting yourself through any "food restrictions" over the holidays if you're still of a good mind to "mostly" eat healthy. Next xmas I'll be in that situation and I won't still be looking for the scale to move down every week *sigh* that will be awesome :-)

Carolyn said...

Ohhh why can't you live closer? Daisy and Maggie would be the best friends ever! Maggie goes nuts in the snow, she just loves running in it and sticking her snout way down in the snow, and chasing snow balls. It's sooo cute to watch.

Glad that Hubs is jumping on the Randi train. (ummmm.......hmmph) It's so much easier when you are both focused on it and it's much easier to stay motivated. Tell him we're all pulling for him!

Jen said...

Aw!! !Poor doggy!!! Charlie doesn't like the cold either...he can tough it for a little bit though...but I don't know what I would do if he couldn't walk anymore!!! He is 85 lbs!!!!

that is awesome that hubby is jumping back on!!! My husband needs to do the same, but he definitely lacks motivation...I don't want to force him into anything though...

YAY! That will be exciting after the work evaluation!!!

Tiffa said...

Poor puppy. Quite the opposite happened with my dog... who is 80 lbs! It was in the dead heat of the summer and he wouldn't take another step... luckily it was my brother that was the one walking him at the time. I'm sure that was a sight for sore eyes.... a 160 lb guy carrying an 80 lb husky in 30 degree weather...