Friday, December 5, 2008

Well I got the tickets. 4 tickets on the floor. Should be pretty sweet. I saw Nickelback before and it was an awesome concert.

WI - 142.0. So I guess technically that's a gain of 0.2. Ew. Frustrating since I started being really good. I guess I can be optimistic because TOM was causing crazy carb cravings and overeating, but that should be done now. It's annoying because I thought I was done with going up and would be back on my way down now. Again, I can step it up with the trying factor.

Did not workout last night. Well I did a bunch of squats and deadlifts and chest presses with my heavy weights. But I didn't sweat and it was only like 2 sets of each during commercials. (thursday is always tv night). so it's not going to count. I am glad I did it though. I hate feeling lazy.

I did make my stir-fry last night. And I added some Udon noodles. they're not great. Pretty weird texture, sort of octopus like. too slimy. but oh well. the veggies cover it up well. It took a long time too make, chopping veggies and everything. But I made a big batch so it should do for lunch for a couple days too. And it's totally healthy. I dont' really stir-fry but rather stir-steam my veggies. I use water not oil.

I can't believe it's the weekend already. Week flew by for me. Which is always great, except right now. I'm feeling sort of stressed with some work projects that i'm going over budget on and don't really know how to wrap up. Plus I've got less than 2 weeks until my defense and I realized I lost my presentation. Not a huge deal, should only take a few hours to make again, but still, I thought I was more ready than I am. Plus I'm busy with other phone calls and errands and things (for example, I'm out of birth control, but forgot to make an appointment with my doctor in time, so I'll have to stop at a drop-in clinic just to get a refill. annoying).

I wish I didn't have this party tonight. the ugly Christmas sweater one. First our Christmas sweaters are lame, they're just a bright green sweater and a blue one that I put snowflakes on. And I don't want to put more effort into them because I'm not looking forward to this party. It's a few of my friends, but there's going to be 30 people there. I don't like big parties. Plus it's people that I went to university with that weren't exactly my friends at the time (not enemies, just acquaintances.) and I haven't seen in 4 years and don't really want to see. If I wanted to be friends with them I would have been. Plus hubby doesn't much like going to parties where it's all engineers because he feels like everyone looks down on him (as "just" a blue-collar guy). PLUS I feel like I've got lots to do this weekend that I don't have time for this.

Here's my list:
- drop in clinic for pills
- get Daisy's claws trimmed
- pay my professional fees and organize my EIT updates
- put plastic on the windows (never did last weekend)
- finish Christmas cards
- finish/work on Christmas presents
- make defense presentation
- clean house
- catch up on laundry
- catch up on sleep.
- workout
- watch hubby's hockey game (he rarely has games when I don't have to work in the morning and they're always so late)
- do some fun things and relax and regroup!

I like making lists, I don't feel so bad now. I can see how I'll organize things and get a bunch done. Plus it's not like there's "so much to do" and I'm just overwhelmed because I can't even think of it all. Nope, it's right here, get one done and cross it off. I am so looking forward to the next 2 weeks being done. (that would be defense over AND all Christmas parties done AND work evaluations being done). Which sucks because I love December.


tash said...

That's fantastic you got you tickets!

I have crossing everything off your list this weekend.

Vanessa said...

I'm at the point where I need a list of lists to make in order to stay organized.


Congrats on the tickets!

Jen said...

So glad you got the tickets!!! I didn't want to comment on your last post because I didn't want to provide a distraction!!!!

Your ugly sweater party sounds fun!!! But I understand your/your husbands hesitations!!!

You just reminded me to make an appointment to renew my birth control!!! THANKS!

MizFit said...

great you got tickets
jealous you loveth the lists (not me. im chronically DISORGANIZED. *sigh*)

have a great weekend---