Thursday, January 1, 2009

new year's shopping

Yep shopping. Hubby and I have spent a crap load of moolah in the last month, Christmas presents, a satellite receiver, external hard drive. And we capped it off this week in STYLE! A yesterday bought myself a treadmill! yay! $750. Sweet. I actually have only walked on it so far, gonna try a jog when I'm done posting. Then today, hubby and I bought a big thing - 50" plasma tv!!! Cha-ching! So there's been a lot of setting up and box throwing away. And with setting up for hubby and I means arguing. So there's been a bit of that. but we're good now. We're working on cleaning up the house and basement for this big party we're throwing saturday for hubby's birthday. We bought tons of chips and pop and i'm going to do a pile of baking and cooking. But we need to figure out where to put all these people, especially with a treadmill taking up more space.

So yes, we're ready for that big party, but what did we do for New Year's eve? Slept through it. We went to bed at 10:30. Seriously. FIL called to wish us happy new year. Not great when the 55 year old man parties harder than you is it? oh well. We'll make up for it saturday.

Oh, one more thing I should mention, hubby and i are talking about making a contest about our weight loss. Sort of like whoever loses more each week gets something. Working out the details, but he was actually up for it when I brought it up so that was encouraging.

anyway, treadmill time!


tash said...

Have fun on the treadmill! So exciting! You should have a contest on who logs the most distance on the treadmill each week.

Vanessa said...

Enjoy your new toys!

My contest with dbf sort of fizzled because he sucks. We'll see if he changes his tune once his pants don't fit anymore :P

mills said...

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Angie All The Way said...

yay!! I'm glad you got the treadmill! No excuses now girlie! :-D

You should do the competition thing and use housechores or something as the stakes. Winner each weeks doesn't have to do dishes for the next week etc.? Sounds fun!

Have a great party, sounds like it's going to be fun!

Ashley said...

hi i'm ashley i have been following your blog and im just windering what you are doing to loose the weight that you have.
like what do u eat/exercise
i have almost the same stats as you
i'm 5'7
155 and want to be 135
let me know!

I also tried the same kinda thing with the "prize" it was that if i weighed 35 by christmas i would get a trip to dominican. but it got ruined when he said that we could not afford it this year so i got really discouraged.
make sure if you do it make like a little fun contract to know all the things that my go wrong have something to back them up.\
good luck!

Sagan said...

So cute that you slept through the New Year. We missed it- turned on CBC and realized we were a minute late. So we just did our own countdown lol.

Very exciting about the treadmill and tv!

Jen said...

WOOT!!! I love the idea of a competition!!! Sounds like fun!!!

And yay on getting yourselves some awesome stuff!!!

Sara said...

that is so exciting about the treadmill!! So much fun!

Justin and I just consider it bickering when when we are setting something up - not fighting!!

eurydice said...

ah a treadmill! that really rocks!