Monday, January 5, 2009

is anybody watching mad men?

It is SO GOOD! I got season 1 for Christmas and I've only got to episodes left. Love it. But I think it's wearing off on me.

Hubby's birthday party on saturday. I spent 2 whole days cleaning and baking and cooking and prepping. I had our kitchen table AND the folding card table FULL of food. Not just chips and packaged dip. Here's the summary:

bacon wrapped mini-smokies with brown sugar glaze - (these are delicious, but ridiculously bad for you, worse than you think. I had none.)
spicy tortilla wrap-ups
ham pastry spirals
tons of Christmas baking (everything that was left)
hot spinach artichoke dip
veggies and 3 different dips
3 different cheeses
3 different crakers/breads for dipping
homemade salsa and chips
elk smokies
deer pepperoni
rhubarb punch with pomegranite seeds in it
AND the best things - wonton hot dips - these were basically any kind of hot dip you want (I had spinach, cheese, and shrimp kinds) but not cooked in a casserole or anything, but spooned into indiviual wonton cups and cooked like that. They looked so intensely fancy and were so crazy delicious it was awesome.

Plus I had honey roasted peanuts through out the house, and 2 different boxes of chocolates and pretzels and chips everywhere. I was AWESOME. Very 1950s housewife. Plus I played hostess too. We had several groups who didn't mesh and know each other so instead of hanging out with the fun people and going sledding and playing pool, I manned the living room and made small talk and introduced people. BORING. Oh well. I didn't mind. that was my role...

Anyway, it was alright. I didn't eat supper on saturday so I just nibbled on a few things all night. I don't really think I did that badly. Lots of veggies, none of the worst thing. I did drink a lot of punch (no booze) which had calories I forgot about. But it was sort of the big bang last day of bad food for hubby and I. We cleaned out all the junk and served it (hence 2 boxes of chocolates). The leftovers hubby's gonna take to work to share with the office.

I'm glad to be back into the regular routine I guess now. At the same time I really dreaded coming back to work since I'm so swamped and with not fun work (just fast deadlines and working and focusing all day so I get a headache). But eating lunch of a salad and veggies feels good. Plus I've got exercise class tonight already. I'm looking forward to making a weekly routine up with the different classes and my treadmill at home. I'm out of running shape. Well maybe, I used to run on metric machines, this one's in miles/hr so I'm having a hard time remembering what my speeds were and stuff. Plus Daisy just sits and watches me or else butts her nose into my knees because she wants to run so I feel guilty and we either go outside for a walk or I let her walk on the treadmill with me (which she loves!) but she can only go 2.5 miles/hr which is a slow walk. Any faster and she freaks out. Anyway, so far I've only done short stints on the treadmill like 10 minutes here and there. But yesterday I set up the laptop with Mad Men and watched a whole episode, running for half and walking with Daisy for half. That was nice. Look forward to more of that. Plus I haven't even used my dumbell set I got for Christmas yet. The basement is a little cleaner so I can keep everything set up down there.

Anyway, I know I haven't done my Resolutions/Goals yet for 2009. But I haven't forgotten, I am planning on doing it. I'm having a hard time coming up with many for this year though. Most things are exactly how I want them in my life, or are out of my control. I guess that's ok, I can just have a few. Maybe later today. I love reading all of yours, definately giving me some ideas.


Bi0nicw0man said...

oooh, we love Mad Men! We watched all of Season 1 in like 2 days. But Season 2 had already started on TV and since we didn't want to jump in mid-season we are now waiting for DVD...and it's gonna take forever!

sherijung said...

I'm de-lurking to say that Mad Men is awesome--I love how that little piece of hair falls down on John Hamm's forehead when Don is being naughty.

The second season takes a while to get going, but the last half is worth the trouble.

carla said...

never seen mad men...but am in search of more trash tv to watch :)
and I love that you say all is as you wish or beyond your control.

somehow that read as such a GOOD THING to me.


Jen said...

I don't think that you need to write your resolutions on the first of the month! Though I can't wait to read yours!!!

I have never even heard of mad men (I don't watch much "new" tv though)...I am going to check it out!

You are such an awesome wife!! You should host my next birthday! ;p

tash said...

Your such a great wife!

I haven't watched any Mad Men. I just finished season 1 of Heros which I liked (not loved).