Tuesday, January 6, 2009

regular post

not to be confused with goal post coming later (haha, goal post...)

Had weight class yesterday. So hard. I hate being out of shape, but at the same time, you make so much progress so quickly. Nice. Mostly just the legs we dying yesterday. She had a really tricky squat and lunge track. yuck, I hate lunges, I have to focus so hard to feel it in the right places. I'm going to work on those at home where I can do them at my own pace to build up my strength in them. Hopefully tonight. Set up my little gym corner in the basement with my weights. do a solid hour down there. I'm not going to make it a new year's resolution because I know it's not something I can stick with for an entire year, nor measure very well. But let's say for this month I want to workout most nights of the week (aka mon-thurs, maybe on the weekends too).

Hubby and I set up our challenge last night. Here's the details, not sure how well it's gonna work, he already had a defeatist attitude. Not that I want to throw the competition, but I want him to win the first week to see that he has a chance. We're getting 10 pts for every lb lost (only on friday morning official WIs), so 1 pt per 0.1 lb. And 1 pt for every half hour of exercise. His hockey counts, shovelling sidewalk counts, my classes and tapes and treadmill time count. walking the dog will count for him (not sure if I'll count it for myself, doesn't feel like anything for me).

So yesterday I got 2 pts from my class. Hopefully I can get 9 pts per week from exercise minimum. (2.5 hours from classes = 5 pts, then another 2 hours on my own?) However hubby plays hockey for minimum 1.5 hours/week = 3 pts. This week he's got a game wed, thurs, fri and sat. (in a tournament) so he'll have at least 12 pts, maybe more depending how many games in the tournament. I have a feeling he'll lose weight faster than I will, maybe not at the beginning, but after I'm down this extra Christmas stuff and back in the struggle area.

The prizes are: winner each week gets 30 minutes of slavery from the loser. That never sounded kinky last night when we set it up but it does now! we were thinking like I would have to clean up the pop that exploded in his bar fridge in the garage (stuff he doesn't want to do) and I was thinking I'd get him to put up the hooks for the curtain I bought and haul all the Christmas stuff downstairs. The monthly winner gets choice of date, paid for by the other person. So I'll choose a night out dinner and movies, just the 2 of us. He'll choose going to the bar with his whole hockey team. The ultimate winner gets $100 from the joint account. The ultimate winner is the person who gets to their goal weight first, to be fair we set it at approximately 12 lbs lost. for him down to 175.0, me to 134.0 (we had our first official weigh in already last friday, I was 145.8, super ew.)

I think it will be fun. I tried to make it so neither one of us had an advantage. Well maybe I have an advantage in that I like to exercise and will do it more than him, but it's hard to get a lot of points from that, where as he can probably lose weight faster which is worth more points. Should balance out right?

anyway, that's all I've got for now. Eating is starting to get tightened up, but I've got some ways to go. I've eaten a full pack of lifesavers both today and yesterday. that's not great. Plus had 2 angel food cupcakes yesterday. Try and do better today, get that junk out of the house. Cooking a nice big healthy supper. lots of veggies. (hitting up the grocery store today as well.)


Shannon said...

aw, that sounds like a blast. my bf would never go for that EVER. I don't think he would anyways. maybe I will try him and see.
p.s. it's shannon and I am back. :)

Sara said...

that is awesome - I love the challenge. Justin and I tried but he quickly bowed out (like on the first day!). I think it is set up very fair!

eurydice said...

what a great challenge! i hope your hubby stays as motivated as you. men lose weight faster than women anyway so maybe that will inspire him!

Jen said...

What a fantastic idea!!!! I think that is great!!! (it's also great that Shannon is back!!! WOOOOO!!!!)