Wednesday, January 28, 2009

step by step

Oo baby. Ugh. NKOTB are coming to S'toon again. The first time was sort of funny. Now it annoys me. Boo.

Yesterday after work I went to Step class at this other gym (you can get a free 2 week trial if you're new). Anyway it's the BTS step. So what I would be teaching. It was AWESOME. I had never done it before but caught on fairly quick. So probably I would be completely fine the second time. There were 2 instructors. 1 was this amazing buff chick. Tall, muscular, real athlete look. The second was this 45 year old, slightly chubby, mom looking lady. She had red lipstick on (she explained because she had to judge a spelling bee and they had to see her lips). When she did the moves they looked like a dance sort of. When the other girl did they looked like boot camp and marching. It made me feel good because I imagined I'd be in the middle somewhere when I teach.

Some of the tracks were way easy, some were completely BRUTAL! So that's awesome. Got a killer workout. And glad I went, because for some reason my regular step tonight is cancelled. Gonna have to dig out the treadmill. (and that's good because my girlfriends are talking about running in some 10 k races. Running seems so hard right now!)

Anyway, yesterday was a good day. Very tiring. When I got home I made myself an omlete and toast for supper. No dessert. Breakfast was a protein smoothie and banana. No snack. Lunch will be another salad. Regular snacks. (melon, apple, yogurt, etc) supper for hubby will be wings. I'll have some of the pasta I froze (the one with the italian sausage and all the veggies). and milk. mmm milk.

Oh, the string cheese. I dont' think it's really BAD for you. But I can't find the low fat stuff. So it's full fat cheese. Portion controlled sure. But I only eat it as a protein serving. And it's sort of piddly for that. Much better sources. Plus it's so small I feel like I didn't even eat anything.

A change of subject - do you guys have any great ideas (like unusual yet so perfect) for a stagette for my sister. Time to start thinking of these things. Not just the regular scavenger hunt in a bar (get a phone number, get somebody to buy you a shot etc). Maybe a city wide scavenger hunt would be fun. Not dirty. sort of hard too. That's why I need you? Help?


SeaBreeze said...

We did a Pole Dancing class for my cousin's stagette followed by a trip to the fire department. It was a lot of fun.

eurydice said...

yes! a city wide pub crawl style scavenger hunt - but finding fun things like:

a) a karaoke bar to sing a song in.

b) a place that will serve a martini with 6 olives

c) a place where there is line dancing...


Carolyn said...

Ohhh I like eurydice's idea. And pole dancing too. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Most of the Stagette's I've been to have all been super "typical". They all had themes and we basically just hung out, played games, drank a lot and then went out danncing.

Maybe look online?

I wish I could take one of your step classes!

Angie All The Way said...

spelling bee? really???? I had never heard of that in my life! lol

The best stagette party I was at was for my MOH (when I was her MOH) and she had a rich friend from work (her hubby is CEO of atlantic superstore) and she offered up her house for the night. They had an inground swimming pool, water slide, trampolene and hot tub and we just drank, swam, splashed, jumped lounged and ate and played the underwear game. I think the only reason why it was awesome was because it was just girls, we had a blast swimming and not caring what we looked like and we felt like we were kids at an amusement park! lol Not the kind of one you can create yourself though I suppose :-(