Thursday, January 22, 2009

do do da do

Not much to report today. Talked a lot yesterday instead.

Step class last night. Good workout. I have to get a bit more comfortable with it before I can get a really really good workout. I think next class I'll put my step on the higher level and do a bit better. But it was still good. I am actually pretty sore today. My sides and inner thighs from the weird (useless) exercises I did at that personal trainer "curves" thing. Hopefully I can still workout good before my "interview" tonight.

Oh, I did go to Lulu and buy a shirt. I can't find a picture of it on the site, I guess they don't sell it regularly or something. I'll get a picture sometime. It's black with accents that are white with black pinstripes. It's pretty cool. It's got a y back, and then a sort of extra keyhole vent. $57 dollars later. Eek!

Then I stopped to pay for my bridesmaid dress, here's a picture, sort of, it's like this but one with out the top fold thing. This color though. Ignore the bra straps, my ugly expression and my sport socks. Pretty nice though huh? I got a size bigger than this because it's not done up properly. They wanted me to order either a 12 or 10 (this is an 8), I got the 10.

Pretty color huh? I want to dye my hair red, well redder, it sort of looks red in this picture already. It's pretty much the color of my eyes. aww..

Yeah, went to Costco after that too, bought another exercise tank and yoga pants (both medium) AND some black pants (size 8). All are the wrong size. The pants I need a 6, the exercise clothes I need a large. weird.

anyway, 4 hours from now I've got that class, then an hour from then I'm doing an "interview". Wish me luck!!!


smellyshelley said...


I hate buying larges...but that seems to be what I need to buy when I get exercise stuff at Costco too. Killer for the self-esteem and I'm not that big! I always wonder what the people who are actually big need to buy.

Jen said...

AH! I missed so much here!! I am going to have start by commenting downwards!

First of all, you look fantastic in the dress! And red(er) hair will look great with it (it really is a great color!)

And good luck with your class/interview tonight!! I am sure you will rock it (especially in the new lulu top!!)

Vanessa said...

Cute dress! Good luck on the "interview" :)

MizFit said...

I love the color of the dress (would look horrible on me) and always second the DYE THE HAIR emotion :)

in fact, Im hitting my own head this morning (in the bathroom. with my own 2 hands. could be an....adventure)

Carolyn said...

I loooooove the dress. I wore the same one in a wedding in April. Very cute. The color rocks too!

I'm so anxious to hear how you mad eout last night! Hurry up and post would ya? (well I guess it is only 6:00am your time right now, but hopefully you'll post as soon as you get to work!)

eurydice said...

i love that dress! and the colour is amazing on you!!!