Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a day

So I did NO work yesterday so I'm trying to make up for it a bit today. There was nobody here in the office so it just makes me want to leave too. I did take off a bit early to run some errands at the university at least. Semi-work (they have terrible hours so it has to be done during the day).

Anyway, last night was sculpting class. it was good. Tried to push it harder this time (since I remember saying that I wanted to last week). So that was good. don't feel terribly sore today however. But I did feel really strong when I was doing the class, just tossing the weights around and just general movement was really easy and smooth. Also talked with Kim (instructor) a bit about me teaching. She was so excited for me and gave me some good tips and stuff.

I also made some carrot bran muffins last night. But they didn't turn out. I think I changed the recipe too much. I healthified them. Splenda brown sugar instead of real, apple sauce instead of oil, whole wheat flour instead of white. They taste fine, but they just didn't cook properly, the middle is pretty raw. I probably should have cooked them longer but I had to go to class. Oh well, I can try again later. I threw them in the freezer so maybe when I microwave defrost them they'll cook more?

Realized this morning that I'm not really trying to lose weight again. That happened before, I'm basically doing the same thing, working out a bit more, avoiding things that make me gain (chips cookies etc) but not really doing anything to lose, just hoping it happens. Since hubby and I had a talk, and with sis's wedding and fitting in my bridesmaid dress, PLUS this teaching thing, I've sort of got some deadlines and want to get serious about it again. So what I'm going to change is cutting back even further on the processed foods. Right now I'm down to just a granola bar or oatmeal bar or something like that every day, and string cheese, going to get those gone. Go back to eating tons and tons of fruit and veggies (which I do already, but just eat those before a processed snack now). The cheese thing is hard because I like to get my protein in, but they're just not good bang for my buck. I'm going to try and drink milk more as my protein. Need to get an ice pack or two for the lunch kit or something. I only ever looked at the nutrition info for skim milk the other day and it's really great!

Also, increasing the salad consumption. Plus suppers have been much better. I snack less when I eat square meals.

I think the biggest thing has to be in the mindless snacks though. Like last night, I ate 2 muffins when baking them. Just checking how cooked they were. WAsn't hungry, didn't even want to eat it. Just had it in my hand so I did. Same with grabbing little treats or candies all the time. Sure each one is only 15 calories, but they add up!

I'm just trying to be more accountable and mindful of my goal. Basically I want to do a 4 week hard core thing before my step class training. As in be down 5 lbs by then. Then take a week off or two, then maybe do another hard core thing. In short bursts I think I can be quite intense. It doesn't help that i've been bombarded with lose 10 lbs in 8 week plans and stuff. Could you imagine being done in only 8 weeks? Completely possible. Let's get serious.


Lex said...

Good on you for making new changes!

I have the same sort of issue right now, where I'm just "waiting" to see results, yet all I'm really doing is being a bit more conscious of my eating habits.
And by a bit more conscious, I do still use board game nights as an excuse to eat crappily (new word?)

Vanessa said...

I miss fitness classes so much! Stupid school gym and not offering them. I guess I should bite the bullet and pay for a Y membership :P

eurydice said...

i was under the impression that string cheese was not bad for you at all - am i wrong?

Anonymous said...

I eat way too much processed crap - I should cut down on that stuff too.

Sagan said...

Those changes sound great- cutting out the processed stuff is always a good choice! The classes sound like so much fun.

Angie All The Way said...

I totally know what you mean about just "hoping that it happens." Sometimes I think logically about it and then if I go over or eat something not really great I like to pretend that I'm throwing it toward a "weight loss lottery" and that something I don't quite understand about weight loss will kick in and i'll be pleasantly suprised at WI...lol Frig that's hilarious!

ALl of those things you said you were going to do are all reasonable and if I were you, i'd even stay away from the scale because the progress might be slow, but steady and you wouldn't want to be discouraged by not seeing them in a number form. I don't know the first thing about baking (trying to get into learning), but what about adding a bit more baking powder?