Friday, January 16, 2009

Long night

Way way long night. And I went to bed early. Good thing, I was light's out at 10:00, just when hubby was leaving for hockey. Phone wakes me up at 2:00. Hubby had hit the ditch and was stuck (boy has terrible driving luck, this is his second accident in a month.) Roads were icy and I guess we need new tires. So anyway, I go pick him up in the middle of the night. He's stuck right outside work so I dropped him off this morning and somebody there can get him out. But he was very pissed off and angry about this. Plus embarrassed because everyone at work would see this. I completely sympathized with this. But told him it's never as big of a deal as you think it will be. (it's true!) So we get home at 2:30am and try and go back to bed, hubby has a shower since he was all wound up. I just can't fall asleep again. Wasn't even thinking of the accident. (stupid cold sore meant I couldn't sleep on my side like I usually do because my cheek pushed into it and hurt). I layed awake for probably an hour (I can't see the clock from my side of the bed). Hubby was snoring when I fell asleep and he says he was looking at the clock at 5:00. Ugh. Then I have to get up early to drop hubby off before I go to work and he wanted to be there early enough that just his one friend would be there and help him, not the whole office. So I dropped him off at like 7:30 then came to work.

Now here I am at work. Not really tired, but just not able to focus. It's going to be a long day.

Oh, WI, I gained 0.6. I'm at 145.0. Hubby forgot to WI so he'll do it tomorrow morning. He kicked my butt in the exercise again, 8.5 hours last week. (more than an hour a day!?!) but he had 5 hockey games giving him 7.5 hours right there (not the norm!). His other hour was shovelling the sidewalk two days in a row for 1/2 hour each (which I know he overestimated his time for, plus it was light fluffy snow, not heavy labour). I even bugged him about how standing in net for 1.5 hours should be the same as 30 minutes on the treadmill since mine is so much harder than his. But then he was all like "well you wanna try it?" which isn't fair because there's no way I could actually try it (his team would not be cool with a first time girl goalie for a game!) nor would I ever put his stinky equipment on! I'm still pretty happy with my exercise for the week though, 5 hours. Not shabby!

Anyway, gonna try and get through the day and make it fly. Maybe because I came in early I can leave early and not feel bad. Oh, I'm going to buy new runner's after work (30% off at Brainsport so the regular $150 shoes are just $100, hard to believe I justify that much for running shoes!) Oh and I stopped at Costco on my way home yesterday and bought a new exercise tank top that hides not hugs the rolls I'm currently sporting. I was going to buy a whole new outfit (coat and pants too, seriously if you have a Costco, check out the Tuff Athletics clothing, love it.) but put it back in the end because I wanted to earn it. AND I didnt' want to have to buy the large when I plan on not fitting that for much longer. Also bought a ton of healthy food, easy proteiny and fibery things, (almonds, yogurts, cheese sticks, fibre cereal).

Tomorrow evening (or maybe tonight) I plan on doing a lot of meal prep stuff. I'm not doing it together with my girlfriends any more, just visiting because our time is limited. I still want to pack up some slow cooker meals and just throw on the grill or in the oven stuff. Somebody said something about eating frozen cooked meat, that's not how I do it (usually) I leave the meat raw, just put the seasonings and other ingredients with it, so it's ready to cook right out of the freezer. I'll try and remember to post what I end up doing if you're interested.


eurydice said...

wow... that is a long night. too bad about hubby getting in an accident. he is alright, that is what matters... so it's ok if his ego is a little bruised hehe.

Anonymous said...

5 hours of exercise is awesome!

I'm happy that your hubby wasn't hurt at all.