Friday, January 30, 2009

it's real.

So I have been up in my weight since before Christmas. I know. None of my clothes fit right or look good. I know. Yes some how, I thought what I was doing was ok and that I didn't really look that bad (I still don't think I look BAD, but not how I want to look. Bring back last July!) So this morning I weighed in and took measurements. WI was nasty. 146.something. Ew ew ew. That's a number I haven't seen in like 2 years. And it's going the wrong way. Boo! (I do think TOM is playing with me right now though...) Well the measurements are worse. I'm up over an inch EVERYWHERE (belly, hips of course. but even my neck! my arm, and it's not muscle). So it's time to really be serious. There is a lot of work to do here!

I think I need to revisit my old friend Strength Training. I do what weights there are in my weekly classes, but after the first one, my muscles are basically used to it. it's light weights, I don't ever get sore the next day. So I need to dig out the barbell and hit it at least once a week. The running is good too, but I need to do intervals, not just the straight 30 minutes. (which I did again yesterday). I've got a week and a half left of free trial at one gym and I'm going to use it. Then I've got 6 passes to MY gym where I'm going to teach (the membership I get I'm assuming starts when I start, which should be March). So I think I can have Feb basically covered with gym time. Need to use it. I can't go today, didn't bring my stuff, and this weekend I've got to get my thesis edits done. No question. but there might still be time for me to do a weekend gym. That's always fun, no time restraints.

Ok, so that's the deal. I just went to Walmart while my monthly computer updates were being done (basically can't work for an hour anyway). Bought new earphones which is why I went. But then thought I needed a "snack" avoided everythign I knew I wouldn't be able to moderate (bags of chips, trail mix, etc.) didn't get granola bars either because I was in the mood to eat several ya know? So instead, I bought a couple protein bars. Lowest cal, highest protein, yet taste like chocolate bars! yay! But then at the checkout I bought a chocolate bar too (just a milk chocolate cadbury or something). But I didn't eat it. (was going to get a 100 cal bar, but it was MORE MONEY! so convinced myself that I'd be able to each just a couple squares. but I'm not going to touch it at all instead). Once I got in the car I didn't really want any of it. An hour later I had a protein bar (aka now).

Anyway, not much more to say again. Gonna make a weekend list, might post that later.


tash said...

Maybe your neck grew because it had to, to support your enormous brain since you got your Masters? :)

I really want to start strength training. I can't wait until yuo post what you ae doing - I'll probably have some questions for you because I have no idea what to do with weight machines etc.

eurydice said...

good idea about bringing back the barbell. you've got to think about what worked for you in the past.

Lainey said...

I can't believe they were charging more for a "thin" chocolate bar. I used to get mad that they were the same price! What a racket!

If it makes you feel any better, I would love to be 146 again! :o) But I get it--when I was there before, I wanted nothing more than to lose weight and get back to the 120's where I was most comfortable (then, anyway).

Rebecca said...

Don't beat yourself up about the weigh in-just move forward into a new week with confidence and piece of mind that you will see a loss next week. Good luck over the weekend!

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

ahhh strength training and I are best buds. cardio? frenemies.

Kelly Turner

Angie All The Way said...

You should go and buy Shred. Use it to supplement the rest of your exercise plans, but try it! You can work your butt off for 20 mins and really FEEL it! I've never had that happen before and to be honest the DVD is sooo friggin simple it's almost a shock back to what it's really all about!