Monday, February 2, 2009

flavoured drinks made me fat?!?

So I came to a realization (I'm going to say a while ago, but I never wanted to admit to it until now). I've been drinking more and more crystal light and green tea and other calorie free drinks that were not plain water. And my weight has been creeping up and up. I think there's a link there.

I've read articles explaining how drinking sweet drinks, even though they have no calories, can make you fat, because your body responds funny to them. (I don't really understand the science so I won't fake it, something about, your body doesn't know it's fake sugar, and it also makes you crave more sweets).

So I'm finally admitting it might be a problem and going back to my 1-2/day. (I was up to like 5 water bottles full of green tea/crystal lights per day, no water). I still like the 1/day in the morning (I don't drink coffee but want something to sip on the way to work). I put some benefibre in there and get a few extra g of fibre to help the old ticker, plus I like to think it keeps me a bit more full so I last longer before I need that morning snack.

So there, I'm doing that.

Edit - anonymous's comments made me laugh. I know it's not these 0 calorie drink that are packing on the pounds! I guess it sounds like that's what I think. I know it's not. But I do think it's contributing, both to my sweet tooth, and to my sense of "treats". It used to be a flavoured water was a "treat", now it's the regular, so I need a cookie for a treat. Ya know? Plus I think it makes me want to eat more and changes my tastes. So water it is.

This weekend I didn't eat great, didn't eat horrible. It was carbarific though. Lots of bowls of cereal and muffins and toast (seems like a lot of breakfasts).

I didn't do much. Finished most of my thesis edits. Was waiting for an email I got this morning, so should be able to finish completely today or tomorrow and send it off again.

Did a weight workout friday night. And interval running on Sunday. Nothing saturday. that's ok.

Didn't get a good sleep. We're puppy sitting SILs dog while they're in Vegas for the week. He's a good dog, but didn't like some of our house rules (like bed time, and no barking outside at 11:00 at night, and stay sleeping in the kennel quietly until we let you out in the morning).

Anyway, strength workout tonight. Pasta for supper (really gonna watch serving size, eat seriously appetizer amount, doing an experiment. I think I don't react well to pasta, no matter how much I eat, my tummy hurts. So gonna make sure I'm not just overeating.)


Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure you aren't gonna get fat off those.

Vanessa said...

I can't stand crystal light anymore. I used to drink a lot of it when I first started losing weight (a milion years ago). Funny how tastes change!

eurydice said...

i am big on drinking those too. i now use double the water - so 1L for every little single pack... it's diluting and the taste is still good. now full strength is like drinking candy for me.

spunkysuzi said...

I have to admit i used to drink them but now i stick to plain water :)

Lainey said...

I noticed that every time I drank Crystal Light, I got a headache, so I stopped. I prefer water or milk anyway.

Anonymous said...

I do the same thing with evil diet pops. It's totally like you say - it's not a treat anymore so I need a junkier treat.

Sagan said...

I think you're right about those drinks. I drink water, green or white tea, and skim milk. Adding sweet tasting drinks just makes me go overboard and all that.

(oh- and of course the occasional glass of red wine;)).

MizFit said...

it's true (that the spike yer insulin) and it's true (that I still drink em anyway).

Angie All The Way said...

I can't handle the aspartamy drinks cause I'll get a headache from them. But I do still have a diet pepsi or coke every now and then. Splenda doesn't bother me at all. They do say that the articifial sweeteners do have an affect, but I thought it was because they don't "cure" your sweet craving and your brain is expecting sugar, so it makes you eat more? lol I'm laughing at the anonymous comment!

Sara said...

I used to like those drinks but like many commenters I can't stand any fake sugar. Makes me feel like ass and I just don't like the taste anymore.

Good for you for reducing the amount!