Monday, February 23, 2009

Group STEP hurt my calves

oh baby am I sore. I can barely even put my heels down my calves are so tight. yes folks, I had group Step training this weekend.

How did it go down? alright. I didn't go to bed early enough on friday. Hubby was gone ice fishing and it was friday and I got hypnotized by the tv and stayed up until 11:00 or so. Then had to be up at 5:45. That's a LOT less sleep than I'm used to. So pack up a ton of junk and head into town to the gym.

First thing we did was TAKE the actual step class. So a nice 1 hr workout bright and early. Good stuff. Then we did a bunch of talking stuff. Learned about the program, learned about some management stuff, learned about the brand. Blah diddy blah blah. Very basic stuff. Took up a lot of the day. (yes we had lots of lunch and bathroom breaks etc.) We also each were assigned a track that we'd have to learn over night and then teach in the morning. I got the hardest one. Seriously, it was the hardest workout one (last one before abs and stretching), AND it had a pretty complicated move in it. So all the practice time we had during the day I spent trying to learn the moves. Then at home (we had a dvd of the class), I tried to learn the order of the moves. I spent 2.5 hours at least at home, doing the same track over and over and over again. Don't think I got it all the way through once. Boo. I was getting really frustrated so I just went to bed.

First thing the next morning we each taught our tracks. I got a bit screwed up but really not that bad. I got screwed up when trying to tell them what was coming, I'd miss a beat and be off. But the second half was really good. Then we spent the rest of the morning learning what makes a good instructor, how you can get people into class, how you can use your voice and body language to make people know what they're supposed to be doing (mine was a tough track, so put on the serious face, talk a bit louder, drill sergeant like, compared to the warm up. get it?) We also did a tough workout circuit that was just 7 stations with common moves (jog on and off, or double squat, across the top etc) and worked on the specific strong arm movements that go with each (since new instructors suck at arms), but just did one after the other (rotating stations) for a minute each for 30 minutes. it was really really hard. I LOVED IT! I think I was in better shape than a lot of the people so that made me feel good. Everyone was dripping sweat when that was done. That was designed as a workout for instructors to do prior to starting teaching. Supposed to do it every 2 weeks for 3 months on top of learning the routines etc. She was really cool about telling us how in shape we had to be. Not skinny or do the hardest options for each moves the whole time. Just had to be able to get through the whole thing and be able to talk the whole time and probably do the hard options 80% of the time. Plus the way she made it sound, just practicing the routines and throwing that workout in periodically would be enough to get us in shape. Easy peasy.

So after we had a break after that workout, then we had to teach one last time. This time, focusing on the attitude and connection we make. So we had to say at least one person's name, say something personal (I love these ones, these kill my legs etc etc), and give some kind of motivation (we're halfway, just 4 more hard ones etc etc). Plus we had to keep in mind the "spirit" of our track. So I shouldn't be all smiley and skippy for mine, and the warm up person shouldn't be like "now go go go go!!!" etc. Which is fine, I can do that part fine. But then my routine went to heck. I missed the transition and couldn't figure out another move to get us to the other side, so we did the whole track on the right. Oops. But she said she didn't care a bit about the steps and routine and we could just make them to marches the whole time as long as we did the other things.

So I felt totally stupid at the end since my track was last, that was the last thing we did, and I totally messed it up. Oh well. I still think I'll be a good instructor. But the same as when I taught labs at school, I do much much better when I fully prepare. I knew I wasn't prepared saturday night when I went to bed, but I did all I could. A couple weeks of practice and I'll be fine.

So instructing ended at 1:00. I had a really low tire so went to walmart to buy a tire gauge and fill it up, plus bought a whole schwak of junk food. Bought cookie dough, peanut butter cups, chocolate covered raisins, gummy worms. Then went home, sat on the couch and ate and watched tv. That was my lunch and supper. and it was great. I worked out a TON over the weekend, plus I was feeling very raw and emotional and tired and just done. So it was needed. Plus it had a nice side effect. Like on old tv shows where the dad catches the kid smoking so makes him smoke a whole pack in one sitting. I ODed on candy and junk. I was craving water and fruit. I ate as much junk as I wanted, no restrictions. And I ate far less than I thought I would. Far less than I probably would have if I felt guilty about each bite. Strange. but nice. (only problem is now I've got all this junk food at home I have to get out of site so I don't just mindlessly eat!)

So what happens with the instructor thing now is we've got to learn the routines, practice practice practice. Probably with the other instructors at my gym. Once we're all set, then we have a launch when the class is first offered and put on the schedule. So that probably won't be until April. So we'll have all March to get ourselves ready. As far as certification, in the next 3 months, we have to tape a video of us teaching the class and send it in. They then approve or disapprove us. I think as long as I can get through the class teaching I won't have a problem. They mostly have issues with safety things, like not stepping in the correct spot, not showing options etc. I was fine with all that, just didn't know what I was teaching!

Anyway, today I have a pedicure scheduled. Take care of my banged up feet. Hopefully a decent calf massage too. They are so sore! My butt too. Feels good though. I thought it would be worse actually, the way I felt yesterday. This just feels like the first time I took a weight class after a summer off or something. So not PAIN, just SORE. I'm not sure if I'm going to go to my weight class tonight though. We'll see how I feel when it's time. No pressure this week.

Anyway, that was my weekend. Didn't feel like a weekend. Now I'm back at work. boo. I think this week is gonna suck.

Oh, by the way, I'm in love with hugh jackman and absolutely loved the razzle dazzle oscars. you?


Anonymous said...

i loved them too. :)

Sara said...

wow sounds like you had an awesome weekend at "training camp"!

Love the oscars too!

Angie All The Way said...

You're going to be a rockin' instructor and no doubt you got the hard one cause you're more hard core!

I'm excited for you! Step is my favourite aerobics class :-)

Charlotte said...

Sounds exciting! You're going to do great - the class adrenaline will kick in and you'll fly through that routine;)

AmberNicole said...

Is this a les mills class? sounds just like the training that we did for RPM (spinning) and flow (yoga) Will you be teaching at a Goodlife club?

eurydice said...

that is a hard core weekend - i know you will be a great instructor!