Tuesday, February 17, 2009

An extra day makes all the difference

I love long weekends. yay!

So friday hubby and I celebrated v-day. We watched Wanted at home (Angelina Jolie, assassin movie.) It was so-so. I bought myself yellow tulips. V-day is very silly I think. Hubby got off so easy.

Saturday hubby had to work. I had errands. I mailed a thank-you to my boss for the trip to Calgary. Went to his work to check out bathroom things (toilet, sink, etc etc). Then went into the city to get my hair cut (just a trim, but I loved it anyway, hair dressers just know how to do good hair. It's back to looking boring when I do it). Dropped off a suitcase to get the zipper fixed. Then went to my brother's to watch Lost together. I got a bagel at Timmy's for lunch and bought donuts for hubby's work. Brothers and I had one first though. Ok, I had 2. Donuts are my kryptonite, I should know better.

Then went to Walmart and grocery store with bro. Just grabbed a few things. Then back to hubby's work to look at more stuff and drop off donuts. Then we went out for a romantic supper at the bar (sarcasm?). I had chicken quasadillas that came with fries. Too much greasy food. bad bad bad. Saturday night I don't even remember what we did. Just watch tv and clean house I think.

Sunday I made homemade bagels. How cool is that? They're a bit lumpy and weird looking, but taste good. But since I'm not a big fan of all those carbs at once. I think I'm going to cut them up and make bagel chips out of them. I just love the homemadeness. I also made 2 different batches of low fat super healthy banana muffins (diff recipes). Like with egg whites, whole wheat flour, double the bananas, splenda and applesauce. They dont' get healthier. And these were still good tasting!

ALSO made puffed wheat squares. Just wanted to get rid of that big bag of puffed wheat. But they came in handy when we went to friend's house for supper, brought those for dessert. Then the guys went to hockey and me and the wife just hung out with the dogs. Watched tv. She's the friend that sometimes is super annoying and very messed up (drinking too much to deal with her parents divorce, throws tantrums like a child, very very jealous of her husband doing anything, does the whole binge then crazy diet thing, just messed up in many ways, then doesn't really listen to advice and help). I probably wouldn't hang out with her too much except that her hubby is one of my hubby's closest friends.

So I'd already had a very productive weekend, but it just didn't feel like enough. the house was still a disaster, I hadn't worked out, hadn't done any real different or interesting things (well the bagels were good). but I had another day!!!

So monday I cleaned my house top to bottom, really really cleaned the kitchen. Hands and knees scrubbing baseboards etc. Lots of laundry. vaccumming. Strange odds and ends, put more garage sale stuff outside, put the ladder away, moved the barbeque. Plus I ran on the treadmill and did a yoga video. Made some homemade veggie soup and cooked up tons of chicken breast and froze a bunch pre sliced for salads etc. Then after supper I was gonna try the 30 day shred. I got about halfway through the first level thing then hubby needed help in the basement. Boo. For the rest of the night we hashed out exactly what the plan would be for the basement (which I thought we should do months ago before he built ANYTHING, and we could have it all on paper with proper dimensions, but he doesn't work that way. So he had to rip a wall down and move it over and all kinds of running up and down stairs to see how wide hallways should be and how big toilets are and stuff.) I think I'm pretty happy with the final plan. I get an extra hall closet out of the deal now. But did that basically until bedtime.

Oh, forgot to mention that I thawed a bunch of stuff out of the freezer as it was too full, including a tub of cookies for hubby to take to work. But I ate them ALL yesterday. again, I should have known better. At least the puffed wheat is gone to his work.

Lunch today is a nice detox. Everything is a fruit or veggie or yogurt or chicken slices. I had one banana muffin. Going to sis's house for supper and then a Mary Kay party thing. I like those things alright, but I just wish there wasn't the pressure to buy. Like tupperware parties, if I need something I'll get it then, but instead I find some cheap thing I don't really need just so I get something. boo.


eurydice said...

how did you make your own bagels? that's amazing! and something i would just never do out of laziness.

MizFit said...

Im in with eurydice (and Im jewish :)).
video tutorial for us perhaps??

Anonymous said...

What a productive weekend!