Tuesday, February 24, 2009

oh to be lazy

I was so lazy yesterday. It was nice. (I have to tell myself it was nice because I feel sort of guilty).

I left work a few minutes early and went to a PEDICURE! sweet. I booked it knowing my feet could use a little love after the stepping. It was really great. I wish she did more calf massage because they really could use it. My big toes have not been this caulous free since I was a baby. I have always had nasty big toe bumps. Gone now!

So went home a bit late, cooked up some chicken breasts I had marinating (lemon pepper, too peppery though). I also cooked up probably 2+ cups of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots and shredded just a bit of cheese on top. It was so good. I had a full plate of that while waiting for the chicken to cook. Yum.

Then for the rest of the night, just sat on the couch, watched oscars, surfed the net, snuggled with my dog. it was nice. I wasn't feeling terrible and could have gone to weight class, (granted it would hurt today! my butt and calves are still sore when I use them) but I got home so late and my nails were still tacky, didn't want to sock and shoe them.

Tonight, hopefully I'm more productive. I've got to get my tire checked, it's definately leaking, but don't know if I need a new tire, or just something else. Have to book this today, hopefully can get in after work. Plus I've got a box of stuff that needs to go to BIL that he forgot with hubby when they went fishing. Also, I'd like to have a little jog tonight, and I have some mailing/tax stuff to do. Not to mention dishes and laundry and house cleaning and all the little things my life revolves around.


Anonymous said...

I want a pedicure now. Sounds so nice.

Lainey said...

Me too. My feet are terrible.

Sara said...

ew I hate pedicures b/c I hate feet!

You deserved last night after this past weekend!

eurydice said...

i am with sara haha. i don't like feet. but i have a gift card for a pedicure so i'm gonna get one soon.

Vanessa said...

Oooh, I love pedicures!