Monday, February 9, 2009

new plan

for this week.

food - cereal breakfast, no CTC (cinnamon toast crunch!), lunch - pita afternoon snack - banana, carrots and snap peas. Yogurt if needed. supper - not decided. maybe I'll have the salad I packed for lunch (girlfriend called for lunch)

workout - treadmill. Just 20 minutes hard intervals.

chores - groceries, help hubby organize the basement and plan walls. Laundry

food - cereal breakfast (NO CTC!), lunch - salad, grapes. snack - yogurts, grapes, apple, carrots. supper - chicken breast and veggies. no carb.

workout - go to the gym! take a class? Spin? check schedule

chores - pay "tuition" for step teaching. Decide if I'm doing Sculpt teaching as well. more laundry.

food - breakfast smoothie. lunch - leftover chicken. apple. snack - yogurt, fruit and veggies. supper - packed sandwich. evening snack - minimal crackers and cheese. veggies and hummus x lots. no brownie. (at a girlfriend's house, I know the menu).

workout - gym workout. class if schedule provides.

chores - go to girl's meeting. Organize a "splurge club" or "ladies group" with friends for the year.

food - breakfast cereal. Lunch - salad. grapes. snack - yogurt, veggies. supper - kabobs. frozen veggies.

workout - 30 minutes treadmill intervals.

chores - kitchen and living room cleaning while watching tv?

food - breakfast toast. Lunch - leftovers. apple. snack - yogurt, veggies, grapes. supper - undetermined.

workout - try the gym.

chores - laundry, wash bathroom shower curtain. probably veg in front of tv.

Weekend - chores. send off thesis. Send off EIT stuff. Send off insurance forms. Book hair appointment, facial, massage, physio etc. Vacuum, general house cleaning.

I think that's all I've got for now.


Vanessa said...

Looks good to me!

Jen said...

Sounds like a great plan!!!

Sorry to hear that your weekend had some icky parts!!! Me and my husband fight if we are driving...I cannot navigate AT ALL!!!! (And Danny had a course in Calgary last year and he talked about how fancy the TD place was too!!)

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

you're so organized! You put me to shame :)

Kelly Turner