Tuesday, February 3, 2009

want a workout? Build a basement

So I helped hubby last night before my exercise class. He had bought a bundle of 2x4s that were sitting in our driveway and had to go to the basement (a bundle is 50, I think they're 8 feet long). Wiki says that each weighs about 10 lbs. (I could only carry in 3 at a time, 4 was like juggling and I would run into things and they'd fall all over. My macho sexy hubby can carry 10 at a time - well so he says) I carried all of these in to my house and then down to the basement. That's 500 lbs! (right?) and that's like 15 trips up and down my stairs with them. My legs were sore before I even went to class. No not sore, tired.

Supper I had spaghetti. And I kept my serving so small. 1 big fork full out of the pot (like 1/3 of what you'd get in a lean cuisine frozen entree or something. Had it with some ground elk and canned pasta sauce. Finished eating that and I had the big nasty ball feeling in my stomach. Though it was much less than when I eat more. Not exactly sure what that means. I'm not allergic to pasta, I eat my homemade frozen lunches of spiral pasta and veggies and pesto with no pain. And I eat tomato sauce and elk meat in other things with no problems. Could there be a difference between spaghetti and other pasta? I guess my spaghetti was whole grain. Very confusing. But whatever the cause, I now accept that I get that feeling if I eat it. So I bet I don't eat it much any more. (which is alright, because I'm not the biggest fan anyway).

Any scientists out there? Can you explain the conservation of mass with respect to weight loss? Was thinking of this today (NERD ALERT!) and I think you must have to pee it out and sweat it out. Your body is like a furnace, burning food for energy, and in a furnace the wood fuel mass turns into smoke and soot and vapour right? So even though it's hard to imagine the whole mass of the log (minus the coals that don't burn) is equal to the mass of the smoke and ash though the volume is a whole lot different. Same thing with our bodies too I guess (volume being different...) I'm such a geek.

Tonight I'm going to that step class with my 2 weeks free at the one gym. Oh, I should say, yesterday in sculpt I used 10lb weights intead of 8 lbs like I usually do. HUGE difference. Particularly in squats, also some arms. Felt good though. Nice to push myself. Anyway, extra step class tonight. Maybe some other gym things too. But I've got stuff to do around the house tonight as well. Plus deal with those darn puppies (who didn't let us sleep again last night.)


Jen said...

First of all I had to pop in and say "HI!!!!"

and that i have no input on your mass question, though I see where you are going with it!!

I also like what you said about the low cal drinks yesterday...I was the same way (that they were my treat - a lot of things were treats that suddenly aren't anymore)...you made a great point!!!

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

wow- geek.

Now im intrigued- Im off to google it.

Kelly Turner

Sagan said...

Building stuff is the best workout ever! Ground elk sounds tasty.

sherijung said...

I always wondered about just how the body gets rid of the fat lost. I hope you'll let us know if you find out the geeky details.

eurydice said...

I have no idea - it burns off in the form of energy, right? I don't know where actual fat goes. I do know that fat cells never leave your body, they just shrink.