Thursday, February 26, 2009

chugging along

So I'm just chugging along at life it feels like right now. Sort of in the blahs. I think it's partly because it's -43 degrees outside with the windchill (no I'm not exaggerating! Seems like it though huh?). And partly because the work I'm doing at work, just feels so much like WORK! boo. I'm just dying for the weekend to get here. I hate that. I hate feeling like I'm just killing time during 5/7 of my life.

Oh well, TOM might also be affecting this nasty mood. Big fat boo to that.

In other news, I successfully avoided cookies yesterday. There were none in the house so that helped. I threw them out. I did eat chocolate covered raisins though. I really have to get this food out of my sight. I had a tuna sandwich for supper since hubby was gone. Didn't plan anything. I always over eat when it's like that. No clear end of meal. But then went to step class. It was good. I started with the step high, then had to lower it. I didn't feel as awesome as I think I should have. I was really comfortable with the moves. I think I sort of felt like people were watching me a bit, those who knew I had the training. Sort of had stage fright. When it was done though the girl behind me said "thank goodness you were at class today, I just followed you the whole time" since it's sort of tricky sometimes when the instructor faces you (she's being your mirror image and when she says right leg, she uses her left, to not screw you up, but people don't always know that). So that was nice. Plus the instructor said that once I'm ready I can practice teach a couple of my tracks in her class. Which is pretty cool. I'll maybe aim for 2 weeks from now.

Which means I have to revisit those tracks! Been taking a breather since Sunday. I bought a step yesterday from Superstore (thanks for the heads up Angie!). so tonight I'm gonna do the video. Maybe I'll just do the first 4 tracks twice so I can learn them better. I'm really interested to see if each track is going to be as hard for me or if I really did just get a tricky one on the weekend.

I've got a friend who wants me to be her personal step trainer. While I know that would get really old really fast, she could be a really helpful little guinea pig at first. we'll see.

Going out for lunch at work today. Montana's steakhouse. I'll check online but not sure they'll have nutritional info. Probably stick to some sort of salad or sandwich with salad (no fries is the rule today!)


Anonymous said...

i totally feel like that, that i am just waiting for the weekend to come always. i need to win the lotto. :)

healthy ashley said...

I'm the same way when I don't have a planned meal. My snacking just goes crazy! Good job on avoiding the cookies :) And good luck with work!

Sara said...

Like Shannon I just want to win big!!

I think the idea of having someone you can "train" on step will be great for practice!

eurydice said...

i just wait for the weekend too. my weeks are so stressful. i think it's weird that the instructor would face you... that must be confusing!

Jen said...

*laughs* I always stayed behind the best girl in the class!! It was WAY better than watching the teacher!!!

Sagan said...

That would be great to have someone to practice on for the step class. And good for you with the cookies!

Vanessa said...

I am so sick of the cold!

Good job avoiding the cookies :)