Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I didn't eat supper

I like putting in headline like titles. it's funny.

Yeah, I didn't eat supper yesterday. I also didn't go to step like I was supposed to (well planned to). Well, what important thing did I do instead of EATING? nothing. I just wasn't hungry.

So I found that shoe sale yesterday, then immediately ran to my sister's house (in my car...) because I have no fashion sense and needed a second opinion. Got her 3 pairs of shoes, I got like 7 I think. CRAZY! total cost $150. The last pair of shoes I bought were $150 (they were my runners). I think that averages out well.

anyway, I was having some trouble with the Spring shoes website. It ate my order. So I had to reorder everything (I hadn't paid yet.) Anyway, so with all that, I ended up being late for the step class so I just didn't go. I went to the grocery store, bought a ton of chicken.

I accidentally bought the bone in chicken. I'd never done that before, so I had a hard time de-boning. Didn't know what to do. I think I wasted some meat. Oh well. I cooked up a few chicken breasts so I could have them for salads and recipes this week. Anyway. cooked it up. But it didn't seem appetizing to me. I really wasn't hungry. I was sort of upset that I missed the class and I was upset that hubby gave up on setting the satellite dish. So since I had no plans, I decided to try tuning the dish (anybody do this? got any good tips?). So I read the manual, grabbed a flashlight, put on my warm clothes, and climbed on the roof.

It was hard. Turns out I'm a little scared of heights. Hubby could reach the dish from the top of the ladder, I couldn't. So I boosted myself onto the roof. Tried to adjust it to the proper angles. But I couldn't hear the signal from the tv inside. (hubby wasn't home yet). So I climbed down off the roof (which was much scarier than getting up there) and went back inside.

I still wasn't too hungry, but was going to run on the treadmill. So I had an oatmeal-to-go bar and a glass of milk. that was my supper. Then I ran on the treadmill, hard. I did 2:1 intervals for a full 30 minutes (more like 32, I had to finish a song). I did 2 minutes, 0 incline, 6.0 to 6.5 miles/hr, then did 1 minute at incline 3, 7.0 miles/hr. I loaded up the MP3 player with new tunes that pumped me though it. I never do a full 30 minutes of intervals. Usually 20 minutes. So I was really happy with my workout.

Then I came upstairs, played with my puppies. Daisy (my dog) is a big bully. It's funny, I got each of them a big dog bone to chew on. As soon as Daisy hears Taz chewing, she drops her bone, and decides she wants Taz's. So poor Taz submits, then goes to Daisy's bone, no wait, Daisy wants that one too! So Taz comes and snuggles with me, Daisy gets jealous and jumps on my lap and pushes Taz out of the way. Mostly she just wants Taz to be miserable or something, actually wants Taz to wrestle with her and be more interested in her. Daisy also steals all the food, or treats or whatever. So I spent a few minutes sticking up for Taz.

Anyway, then I worked on that darn thesis again for a little bit and went to bed. Woke up, fairly hungry. Not as hungry as I thought I should be. But again, no time for breakfast because I have to deal with 2 dogs. So I make myself a hot chocolate, and grab another oatmeal-to-go bar. I hope I'm out of those soon, I love them and find every excuse to eat them. 200 calories isn't great!

Anyway, tonight I've got step. And gotta clean the house. We're gone on the weekend and SIL and BIL are going to stay at our house. Plus I have to pack for my weekend (remember this is the weekend we're going to see a Flames game!)


eurydice said...

randi, i can't believe you went on the roof. and alone too! you're crazy! good job on the interval run... 30 minutes is a long time!

Lainey said...

Did you ever get my email about transportation and whatnot for your trip to Calgary? Did it help at all?

RYC on my blog: I have a bunch of those "stuck" weights all the way up--138, 140, 146, 165, 185, 212, 230...

Abbey Shaw said...

Your puppies sound so cute, oh my word!

Jen said...

I agree, I would be terrified to go up on a roof by myself!!!!

I had to go and check out that sale! there was some super cute stuff and I got one pair of shoes for $5.98!! How awesome is that!!!

That's nice of you to stick up for Taz! Our one kitten is a huge ass to the other cat so I am constantly sticking up for her!!

(oh and I love those bars too...they are hidden in my cupboard!)

healthy ashley said...

Your shoe purchases definitely average out well!

I can't believe you were on the roof. I loved reading about the fun things of your day!

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

id take a show sale over a workout any day :)

Kelly Turner