Friday, February 27, 2009

Sometimes it's nice to be busy

Like today, being busy is sure chasing away my work boredom.

Last night I did the first 4 tracks of Step twice. My track was sooo much harder than these. Now we've got a practice scheduled tomorrow at 3:30 where we'll each work on our tracks some more. Boo to #8. The other ones are more fun! oh well. I'll eventually teach them all!

Tonight we've got a girl's night club team meeting thing. We're trading favorite books/cds/movies at a girl's house and having appetizers and drinks. Just low key. But still fun. I lost my very favorite book so I'm bringing 2 back-ups. But they're fairly heavy books (not physically). I've got the Count of Monte Cristo which I stole from high school years and years ago. (well nobody had signed it out but me for 15 years!). It's super super super good. But a bit complicated. You have to pay attention, and I had to take notes to keep the characters straight (they change names when they grow up from their given name to their title. confused me). And i'm bringing Gone with the Wind, which is a really big book as well. Both classics, old, long books. I'm sure somebody is going to bring a Shopaholic book. That's a funny trade. (I'm also bringing Spanglish, because it's a good, cute, lighter, chick flick movie that is less intimidating).

Anyway, very busy at work today. Trying to get reports out by the end of the day. Plus somebody else wanted my help to get their report done by the end of the day. That's 3 reports! Too much!

Have a good weekend! It's finally here!


Sara said...

what's your fave book?

I loved Count of Monte Crisco too!

Have fun!

Sagan said...

Ooh I have been meaning to read that book and totally forgot about it- thanks for the reminder!

Jen said...

First of all - Gone with the Wind is my FAVORITE book (next to Jurassic Park ;p) - AND that and the Count of Monte Cristo are on the top 100 books according to the BBC!!! Good choices!!

I love being busy at work!! With all the projects I am doing, the days are just FLYING by...seriously, it's so nice!! One day I was just doing sorting though and it was like the longest day of my life!!!!