Monday, March 2, 2009

weekend recap

How dull is that title? very.

So the weekend. What happened? Friday we had the girl's night out (as it is now called). Which only involved an exchange of books/movies/cds. Mostly books. It was cool. I got Outliers and the Sex and the City dvds (yes I'm a SATC virgin, starting season 1 episode 1). I felt like a dork with my books but they were well received. I still haven't tracked down my favorite book (it's called Fall on Your Knees, it was an Oprah book, canadian author) maybe MIL has it. I also decided that maybe it's not my favorite book any more and am excited to get the Count back and read it again.

So there were some snacks there. she put fruit in wine glasses and drizzled a tiny bit of chocolate on top. Very pretty and healthy and yummy. Plus there was like a veggie pizza (cold veggies, with like cream cheese spread? what's that called?) plus mojitos and cosmos and I stuck to cranberry juice and soda. Go me. It's nice to have the driving excuse (I live out of town so I always have to drive). Not that it really matters, nobody cared.

Saturday was pretty mellow. Played with photoshop for some pictures for suprise 30th birthday parties I've got this weekend (2 parties, same day). Watched some curling on tv. Some house cleaning. It seemed like such a waste of a day. Oh well. Went in to the city for Step practice at 3:30. I was totally fine at home practicing, but in the room with the microphone, just not as good. I think I look like an idiot because I'm the only girl who hasn't even learned her 1 track yet. Next week we've got to have 2 ready to go, which I think will be better, because every other track is easier than mine.

Then Sunday was helping my sister move. She and her fiance are moving in together and found a rental place near the river (aka older house). It was unfortunately filthy. When she looked at the place the first time, somebody was home so she couldn't look in the one bedroom (fishy) and it turns out that that was the smoking room or something. It completely reeked of smoke. Smoke stains on the ceiling. All the walls and doors in the whole place were sort of gross. The landlord had very relaxed standards for getting damage deposit back. I think they swept and that's it. So after hauling a bunch of sis's stuff over. She and I got some buckets and soap and floor to ceiling scrubbed. My shoulder's a bit tight from it. It's a lot better already. But she was really nervous at the time like she made a big mistake with this place. But I think all places look bad when there's no furniture or anything in them. You don't realize how walls look (scuff marks, handprints, slightly off touch up paint etc) even in your own house because you don't look at walls, you look at stuff. It's better now. Except that the people living in the basement smoke pot and it makes the entrance stink. But the landlord knows and is trying to kick them out for it.

Anyway, so that was my sunday. Time sort of got away from me and before I knew it is was 7:00 and hubby was calling my cell frantically (which I never answer because it's on vibrate and I don't hear it) because he had to leave for hockey and needed the SUV. Oops. So I race home and he doesn't speak to me just throws his stuff in and leaves. I haven't talked to him since because he got home when I was asleep and was gone while I was getting dressed this morning. Hubby holds a grudge like a woman. (if that offends you then we have nothing in common and you shouldn't be reading this blog). Hopefully he can get over this, I did appologize and didn't know he needed the SUV. But I think he's mostly mad I don't answer my phone (he was calling for like an hour).

Anyway, I'll think about that later.

I need to come up with a schedule for myself and my workouts. Seriously. I've got a 10K race I want to get in shape for (plus running really helps me lose weight), I've got step tracks I have to learn, AND I've got 2 exercise classes I'm paying for. I figure 2 days a week for each (minimum). Maybe 3 for the step for a little while.

Monday - strength class
Tuesday - Step and Run?
Wednesday - step class (not my practicing, just a class I take)
Thursday - Step
Friday - Run
Saturday - Run and Step?
Sunday - Step (we've got organized practice here.)

If any day has to go it will probably be Friday. Hard for me to exercise then for some reason.

I also realized sis's wedding is now in only 3 months. I am probably heavier than new years. Big boo. 10 lbs. definately can be done. Just need to be reminded of it. Need a big renewal thing now. Sort of like a reminder all the time when I'm cooking or packing food or eating. That's where I screw up, candy, too much pb, just too much food. I'm thinking back to when I was successful at the losing thing and I was much more strict. and felt better. I think I'm scared of being hungry right now. Which is ridiculous because when I'm busy (friday was busy work day, sunday was busy moving) I hardly eat at all and am not even hungry. A lot of it is boredom and just being used to eating that much that often. Let's be serious. It always helps when I've got a workout planned because I can stop the snacking after supper that gets me in trouble sometimes. and I used to NEVER eat after supper! Let's go back to that. That and being busy should help.


Sara said...

Good for you on Friday night - sounds like you did amazing!

That sucks about your track being the hardest - but you probably are learning more than the rest b/c of it!!

Great looking schedule - wowsa!

eurydice said...

you are just like scarlett o'hara, not thinking about it now. hehehe. girls can hold terrible grudges... i try not to but things are always in the back of my mind.

Jen said...

*laughs* I hope you don't take offense when I say that you are like a guy in the relationship -- I totally hold grudges and I am terrible for it! I am trying to cut back!

I would not be impressed if I rented a place and it was filthy!!! That was super sweet of you to help her clean it up!!!

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

great job on friday- not easy to do!

Kelly Turner

Angie All The Way said...

Hubby used to get on me ALL the time for not answering my phone - I could never hear it, or it'd be dead or something. Now that I've got a BB there's no prob at all. I think if people say they're sorry and it was an honest mistake or an accident or something like that, they should just drop it!

I am going to spell out an exercise schedule that has variety, covers all the bases, is mostly at home, some yoga studio stuff and just friggin DO IT, right! Hey do you know of any step aerobic DVD's to do at home? I just got a step, but I need a workout DVD to rock to!