Monday, March 9, 2009

march shouldn't be this cold

It's like -30 here. -40 something with the windchill. Is my calendar wrong?

I changed my profile picture back to my awesome muscles. I don't currently look like that. But I will again soon.

I feel good. I feel like I'm losing weight. We'll see. I didn't have a great eating weekend, (read: really bad) but I've got a STS from friday. good sign.

So what's really bad? Saturday I went to an appetizer potluck meeting for my new instructor job. All these fitness professionals, yoga instructors, etc etc. About 15 of us were there. 1 person brought a fruit tray. EVERYONE else brought cookies, cake, or some kind of cream cheese thing. Wow. Guess it's a good thing we all workout! It was my supper. I had 3 cookies, 2 pieces of coffee cake stuff, a chocolate eclair, some crackers and goat cheese and some pineapple. I think. It was a lot of really really good food. But I put everything I wanted on my little plate and ate it and that's it. I was more full than I think I should have been. (I had an early lunch and then nothing until this at 5:00). Then I had a glass of like mango juice or something then 29 glasses of water (so thirsty for some reason).

That's all I ate until 11:00 at night when I found the suprise spread dip at one of the birthday parties and ate probably all of it (the sour cream, cream cheese, tomato, onion, cheese layered one?). Oh, and I had a non-diet pop. It messed me up! It was probably my first full can of sugar pop in years and years. I felt super bizarre after it. Didn't like it. Sort of drunk feeling. drunk and sick.

As far as the parties. Went well. I was a bit rushed a chaotic as I was late getting to the city and had to pick up photo collages I printed, then drop them off at the parties before I my meeting in case I didn't make it back to them in time. Then go to my meeting (oh yeah, I was late because I made appetizer snacks for each of these parties, I had spicy tortilla roll-ups, guacamole, and lazy cinnamon buns). So after my meeting, went to suprise party 1. The birthday girl was running behind and were going to be later than we thought, so suprise happened at like 8:00. The other party people were ahead of schedule and were showing up before they expected, also 8:00. So we missed the 1 suprise. But the one we saw was good. She had no idea. and was so confused at first! And was sort of sad earlier about what her hubby was actually doing for her birthday (not much) so it was great. (it was also very boring, lots of old people she works with, her parents and her daughter, so a very tame party).

Compare that to the other party (where we missed the suprise part) where they bought 2 kegs and the house was completely busting at the seams, half the party took place in hallways. Which I also found boring, because I hate parties like that. I like visiting, not drinking. It got better once I found the food and the people I know. We left 10 minutes later than I wanted to. So I got to witness some keg stands that ended with beer coming out of the birthday boy's nose.

The poor guy (my Sis's fiance). He has a reputation of being immature and getting too drunk too fast and just being a partier. and I always sort of thought that was just him. But at his party I saw that his friends won't let him change even if he wanted to. He wasn't going to do a keg stand. But it was his birthday so they made him. So they lifted him up and then held him there for a good minute. I saw him tapping his friend's leg as in "put me down now!" but they ignored him. Then when they did put him down, it was because the beer was coming out his nose and he as choking (it's unclear whether he puked or not.) Ugh. It just left me disgusted (not with the puke) but just with the drunkeness. Whenever I see that sort of behaviour, it just makes me want to drink less and less. (I already barely drink, but it started as a weight loss thing, then because I didn't really like the taste of much and so I can drive. Now it's becoming sort of a moral issue, look what this stuff does to you, it's poison, just doesn't make sense).

Anyway. So Sunday we did some shopping and running around in the city. I bought some jeans, not trouser jeans since they looked like crap on my chubby thighs and short legs, but just jean jeans. Then went and did a practice for Step teaching. The other tracks I learned went well, but that first one I learned was such a tricky thing! There's a move that's impossible to describe. Plus one of the other instructors sort of messed me up when I was trying (she had a point but still) I was saying (off, back, off, across, off, back, knee. because the timing worked nicely to say that, but it technically was off, back, up, off, across, etc etc. Just much more talking, and not how I practiced it). Oh well, it's getting better. and like I said, the rest were good.

Anyway, that's pretty much my weekend. I was upset yesterday because I got so much I wanted to done (yes I caulked! I made all these appetizers and picked up the collages and got frames for them and did laundry and dishes and worked out etc etc etc.) plus I made hamburger soup and healthy apple crisp (more baked apples) and was just sitting down to eat when hubby started yelling at me for the kitchen being messy and how I have just 1 room to take care of so can't I keep it clean? I was FURIOUS!!!! (he was mostly mad because he stubbed his toe on the dishwasher door which was open because I was going to put one more dish - my supper plate!, in it and then start it.) But once I'm mad I don't do well at remembering my side of things. I just cry in frustration. I couldn't get out all the things I'd done and I wasn't done for the night anyway, just eating. So I was too upset then to eat, lost my appetite. So no supper. Later in the evening I had some apple crisp. (oh, and hubby apologized, in his mind he was just asking me to keep the kitchen a bit tidier so didn't understand why I was still mad.) I'm still mad actually.

Sometimes I think he gets a bad rap on here though. I only talk about the fights on here. And granted he's got some big bad problems (short fuse, over reactor, dirty fighter etc) he's also got great qualities that I know, but sometimes you just need to vent about your man and everything that's wrong with him! ;)

Starving now, lunch time. hamburger soup here I come.


Sara said...

I find Justin is the same when he is cranky or if he hurts himself. He doesn't realize how mad he gets afterwards too!

Crazy parties this weekend! Your poor fbil with that keg stand!

Anonymous said...

I want a post sometime soon about all the wonderful things about your hubby - I think all us ladies with partners should do a post like that :)

eurydice said...

oooh that's cold - sounds like a busy weekend too.