Thursday, March 26, 2009

good day?

I think yesterday was good. It felt good. I didn't screw up as far as I can recall. Yes I can think of 2 things I didn't need but had anyway (a glass of orange juice after class when hubby and friend were having a beer, peanut butter on my banana that I had instead of berries for dessert - I think they went bad). So I'm calling that a win.

I'm a winner.

Today, I forgot that I had a step tutorial at the gym. So I have to go home get my clothes and come back for that. ok. won't be as good of a workout as I would have had at home I don't think. But good teaching practice nonetheless. I have elk hamburger thawed out and a recipe ready to go, (from Kraft, a taco bake thing). I think my salad mix has gone bad so I had a sandwich for lunch, lame dry bread and one crust piece. Oh well. Still filling. And fulfills the carb cravings.

Hubby's going ice fishing this weekend so I'll be home alone again. Time to come up with another great to do list. I love accomplishing stuff!


Jen said...

My salad mix was pretty bad too...i ate some but it was definitely on it's last leg!!!

OOH, what a great opportunity to get stuff done and enjoy some time by yourself hey??? ENJOY IT!!!

Vanessa said...

Enjoy your alone time this weekend!

Angie All The Way said...

Great job on the day!

That recipe sounds good just from that much said about it. I think there's some goulash in my future methinks

Sagan said...

Woot you ARE a winner! Mmm elk burger.