Tuesday, March 10, 2009

going out for lunch

I forgot that I was supposed to go out for lunch today. So I packed a huge awesome lunch. Oh well, it should keep for tomorrow.

We're going out for Indian food. I've never gone out for Indian, only had it at potlucks or been to an Indian buffet.

Anyway, yesterday was weight class. Sweat was dripping off my elbows. Always good. I'm not a big fan of the 1 hour class though I realized. (Step class I take is 1.5 hours) It's at 8:00 and I don't get anything done after supper until class, then when it's done at 9:00, I don't do anything before bed either. So it might as well last from 7:00 until 10:00. Oh well.

We found out that we're launching the Step class at the gym on Mar 28 (if anybody wants to come out...). Plus we're doing a VIP class the weekend before. PLUS this weekend at the Step instructor practice I've got a couple girlfriends coming. I'm pumped. On the weekend I taught the last 3 tracks, and I definately have 1 more. Plus by this weekend we have to learn 2 different ones (I get the easy beginning ones now, yay!) so I should have 6 of the 10 tracks by Sunday (maybe more?! they're all easier than the one I did first)

We've got a good plan for mom now. I bought a spa package that was on an internet auction yesteday (convenient). it's for a group spa party, so any number of people, any services totalling $500 (I got it for $250). So my sis and I will pay for our portions and split the stuff mom wants to do. I think spas are more fun with more people. Plus our trip home doing random chores and stuff is getting worked out. I'm actually pumped about it (pumped to clean house? Weird?)

Anyway, gotta start the car to go for lunch. Still -a billion here!!!


Anonymous said...

Great present! Have a good lunch!

eurydice said...

oooh indian food - you are so lucky. i prefer ordering dishes to the buffet - the buffet can seem really... sloppy.

Anonymous said...

i know it is so cold here too. I am so sick of it. SOOO sick of it.

Jen said...

MMM I hope you enjoy the indian food!!! You will have to tell us what you think!!!

I think that is a super sweet gift for your mom (plus your cleaning idea, what mom wouldn't like that??)

It has been so crazy cold here too (like -39, and we had 27 cm of snow the other night!!!) and I am sick...so it is NO fun going outside!!!