Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I think I found my camera

So I think i'm going to buy the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS. It's definately not the fanciest out there. I was leaning towards the Nikon D60 (which is a step up from the D40 I believe), but I can only find it at Future Shop and I hate Future Shop (so unhelpful there!). Then the comparative Canon was the XSi, but that's hundreds of dollars more than the XS and for my uses I doubt I'll see the difference. Plus I found the XS at Costco for less than $500 where all other cameras at other places are $600. That's what finally tipped the scales in it's favour. The pros and cons between the Canon and Nikon go back and forth (one has this, the other has that, which is more important to me? I dunno yet!) I've heard good things about both so I'm happy with my decision. Why did I tell you all that? I dunno!

So I'm really excited about it and probably going to buy it after work and then waste the rest of the week playing. woop woop!

Last night I practiced Step. It is so much more boring to practice it in my living room than to teach or take the actual class. I just can't push it as hard. I can't squat as low or jump as high. Definately need the other people as motivation. I only have a few tracks that i'm not 100% on, so hopefully this will be my last week I'll need to practice.

But that's all I did last night. Daisy and I went for a quick walk, I helped hubby measure stuff out in the basement. Watched tv. Oh I guess I also cut up a ton of carrots and celery and strawberries so they're ready for lunches and snacks. Strawberries were on sale when you buy 2 of the big clamshells, so I've got so many strawberries right now it's ridiculous. Especially considering hubby doesn't really eat them. But I love them! We're going crazy on the in season produce. Me on the strawberries, he on the asparagus (I only like the very tip, not a bit of the stalk, so I don't eat them, I figure that's too wasteful to somebody who really likes them. Plus hubby doesn't like a lot of veggies so I figure he can have all he wants of what he does like). I can't wait for peaches and plums to be cheaper. I love spring/summer food!!

Well that's all I want to say now I think. I want to spend the rest of my goofing off time at work googling my camera. So excited.


Jen said...

Good call on the camera!!! I really wanted one of those but in the end i went for just a Canon powershot...it CAN look like SLR shots, except when it comes to people...just no comparison there!! The Rebels shots look AMAZING!! oh and if you look at facebook at my "Photoshoot with Kyle" (or something like that - the couple shots of Danny and I) those were taken with a Rebel XS...GREAT quality!!!

I wish we had some good produce in our neck of the woods!!!!

eurydice said...

I didn't know you were so interested in photography - sounds like a good camera!

I love spring summer produce too!

Lex said...

I have got the Rebel XP and love it!

It really is a good camera - the display on it is smaller than the newer Rebels, but it is still fantastic!

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

aw, both my cameras are broken and i cant afford a new one. I have camera envy