Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm really a STEP teacher!

How cool is this?? I got the April schedule for teaching at the gym. For April we're team teaching (which is teach half the class with another newbie teaching the other half). And I'm doing tuesday and thursdays AND every second saturday. PERFECT! So excited about it. I like the girls I'm teaching with too. I think we'll compliment each other, similar styles (though they do make me look a bit like a giant).

I think we're NOT having birthday cake for my birthday at the office. I think. No sign of it and it's 3:00 already. Just can't wait for the day to be done for the happy birthday weekend to start. I'm having a pre-birthday coke zero. fizziness keeps my belly full. yum.


Sara said...

1. Happy Birthday!!!
2. Can't wait to see your red hair!
3. Congrats Ms. Randi! You are going to be a great step teacher!
4. have fun with the hubby tomorrow night!

p.s. I thought the same thing re: my finger & work!!

Vanessa said...

Very cool. =)

anna said...

yay! wish i could come to your class! i'm in search of a great aerobics instructor right now. i used to have on i loved but since he left i have been lonely.

Angie All The Way said...

Happy birthday Randi!!!!!!!!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekened!!!!

Jen said...

That is so exciting!!!!!

I wrote happy birthday on your facebook, but I should say happy belated on here!!! I hope you had a fantastic weekend!!!

(And I agree, I want to see pics of your hair!!)

eurydice said...

woohoo! and happy birthday too. :)

tash said...

Happy Birthday!!!