Wednesday, March 18, 2009

10 weeks?

10 weeks until my sister's wedding. 10 weeks, 10 lbs? 1 lb a week? that's high for what I've been capable in the past, however it's not a ridiculous rate, it's a safe steady rate that they say to aim for right?

I think looking at it as 1 lb/week is much easier and more realistic than trying to lose 10 lbs. (though I pulled that number out of the air sort of. I'd be happy with 6 probably.) So that's what I need to do.

How? gonna track my food on here. Sorry, I know it's boring, don't bother reading, (I don't read yours! haha!) I think it helps me though.

So yesterday I didn't workout. We went out for supper (I had the thai chicken salad. Healthy with the veggies, but probably not as healthy as it should be, who knows how much oil is in the dressing, and there were lots of noodles with the salad. delish though. I love thai salads) We visited a nice long time, despite the restaurant probably wanting us to leave as it was st. patrick's day and they were busy.

by the time I got home it was 8:45 and I just felt lazy. So I just watched tv and changed the laundry and read my book. Tonight I've got Step class and I also have to learn the step routines for the weekend. Busy busy.

Yeah, not much to say, I feel really good and focused now that I played with my loss spreadsheets and saw some trends and stuff and realize there's a nice short time limit on things, plus I feel on top of the food game with all the great stuff that's in grocery stores now. If only the weather would smarten up so I could run outside (I guess this weekend it's supposed to melt some more? I'm so jealous of everywhere else in the country I say with highs of +10, we're at a high of -10 still)

B - scrambled egg whites, broccoli, feta and cheddar cheese, red pepper, 1 toast w/becel
S - banana, 12 almonds, handful of craisins
L - salad with strawberries and mandarin dressing, 3 slices roast beef (90 cal worth), 2 cups of carrots and broccoli with 2 tbsp dill dip, 1.5 cups green grapes
S - 3/4 cup yogurt (90cal), 1/2 cup cantaloup, apple (if required)
D - stir fry veggies? (sausage will be cooked for hubby, but I don't like it), banana


Bi0nicw0man said...

I know no one probably reads my daily menus either, but it seriously keeps me about 95% accountable. If I set out to eat something I didn't write down earlier I always think twice about it. It doesn't always stop me, but most of the time it does.

eurydice said...

1 pound a week is more than reasonable. i like reading other people's menu - just to see what else other people are doing.

Jen said...

WOW!! I actually love reading what people are eating!!! I am so nosy!!!

10lbs is COMPLETELY doable in that time!! that really came up quick hey???