Monday, March 16, 2009

I had a bad weekend

Oh boy did I eat. Did not do any exercise (well until Sunday afternoon when I did Step practice with the other instructors, I feel like exercise on the weekend should be solo exercise for some reason.)

Friday night we ate burger king on the way home. (those burger shots? Quite cute, not tasty. Don't bother). Sunday we ate McDonald's for lunch. (I felt crappy for the rest of the day, why don't I remember that before I order?) Saturday wasn't bad. I did eat a couple pieces of carrot birthday cake and have a midnight snack of a ham sandwich. But if it were just saturday that was bad I don't think I'd care. it was the fast food.

Mom loved her presents. But funnily enough, she gave her house a big cleaning the day before we got there so there wasn't a ton of cleaning to do. We dusted and did laundry which was helpful, plus cleaned out her cold room (which is a crawl space and she can't really get in there with her knees. nor does it get looked at often, we took jam out of there that she made in 1992. No it doesn't keep that long.)

I feel like I gained a million pounds. And I stretched out my stomach so my appetite is never satisfied now. I think I often mistake thirst for hunger at home and on weekends. I think I'm going to try and make myself take a big glass of water before I eat anything at home. I drink a full water bottle every 1.5 hours at work, then maybe 1 glass the rest of the day. not great.

I think I'm going to start doubling up my workouts a bit. I'm not really liking how out of breath I sound when teaching Step. I don't think it looks good to hear huffing and puffing through the sound system. Tonight I've got weight class. I think I'm going to try and run as well tonight. Just a 20 minute treadmill run. It's been neglected lately. Weather isn't great today, freezing rain warning, so too slippery to run outside, plus a bit chilly. Soon though.

So I overheard my boss talking on the phone to one of my best friend's husbands (office walls are really thin). They moved to Edmonton a few years ago but he's not that happy with his job and they want to move home to be closer to family (now that they have a little baby!). But I was emailing my friend on the weekend and she never mentioned anything like that so I think it's supposed to be a secret. It's interesting because this guy is great and smart and I get along awesome with him, and he was a summer student here before and everyone liked him. He'd be great here, the only problem is, we weren't really looking to hire anybody right now. I sure hope they find a job for him. Then my friend would move home! She's probably my closest girlfriend besides my sister. Unlike anybody else, she doesn't have 1 thing that I find annoying (I'm a horrible person huh?). Even though I never see her, and we don't even talk that often, when we do we can talk about anything. She's giving me all the dirt on having a baby right now. PLUS, her husband is one of the few male friends (or husband of my friends) that my hubby actually likes. They're our best couple friends. And I really like him. (Some of my friend's husbands I'm not big fans of, again, I'm not nice)

Anyway, that's what's new with me. back to focussing on the old food intake. groceries after work. Fresh produce always helps.


Jen said...

That sucks that your weekend didn't go over so well!!!
I NEVER remember how bad mcdonalds makes me feel until I have eaten it again! (But sadly I love mcdonalds)

glad you could help your mom out too!!! that is a really great gift (especially since she couldn't do that one room herself!!)

I hope your couple friends move back as well!!! It makes a huge difference (I find) when you have nice couple that you both like to hang out with!!!!

Angie All The Way said...

Ok now I understand your resistence to the "innocent" cosmic cookie ;-)

I hate feeling like that :-( Three weeks remember? Just 3 and today can be the start of your 3 day streak!

HOpe your friend gets to move closer