Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh no!

It's my mom's birthday this thursday. Completely remembered that, so it's not oh no. BUT, guess how old she's turning? 50!!! only figured that out this morning! (cause I heard the radio say that Barbie turns 50 this year, and mom told me she and Barbie are the same age - thank you radio!)

What should we get her? Our plan is a spa thingy. (plus a yogurt maker that she wanted and we actually found!) Good one? But we were going to do that when it was just a normal birthday. not a big one.

(she definately doesn't want a party!)

I think what we're going to do (we = siblings) is go home and cook and clean for her. My mom is crazy busy right now because it's tax season. My parents have their own business of doing taxes. (they are SO busy Jan - May, fairly slow in the summer.) AND my mom basically can't walk right now. She had some serious knee problems (add to serious back problems, kidney stones, arthritis, who knows what else), then a few weeks ago she fell off the roof (yeah) and hurt her good knee. So she sits at her desk with an ice pack and her knee elevated. Plus they're so busy she really doesn't have time to do any physiotherapy until after tax season.

I sure hope I don't have anything wrong with me when I'm old. Do you think staying at a healthy weight and doing strength training will help that? I'm hoping so. I'm sure Step is actually going to be bad for my knees and joints, but it should be good for my heart health (which is the other huge hereditary disease in my family, oh, and diabetes, and cancer, and mental illness.) I think I've mentioned before that my whole attitude is I don't want to regret anything later in life. Not the way other people mean it (like regret not taking that job in Paris or whatever). I mean, I don't want to regret not eating a multivitamin every day when I was in my 20s because it would have prevented me having cancer at 50. Know what I mean? I don't want to regret being out of shape because it's so much easier to be lean when you have time to workout and no kids. Make sense? If getting enough calcium now will prevent a huge headache later on? then I want to do it now. As nasty as it sounds, I don't want to end up like my mom when I'm old. (Only her broken body, my mom's great).

So hopefully we siblings can go home and cook her a bunch of healthy meals (she's also trying to lose weight before sis's wedding), do random things that need doing, like dust something, change spare bedroom sheets, take the car for an oil change. Whatever. I think she'll like that. Maybe we'll bring city groceries home too (better selection of fresh foods).

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Angie All The Way said...

Oh wow I think that would be a great group effort gift for your mom over and above the yogurt maker and spa stuff (which would be great too). If she's extra busy and dealing with an injury doing all of her house work and oil change and cooking is such a HUGE thing off of her plate. It's too bad she doesn't want a party, cause that's a big milestone birthday to have fun with.

If I know you, which I think I kinda do, your dedication to your health will keep you good and strong which will most definitely keep you less susceptible to injuries and osteoporosis etc. especially the impact exercises (step and running) contrary to what people think about them being bad for arthritis (which okay they are), but on the other hand, they are good osteoporosis because they encourage your bone density to increase)