Wednesday, March 4, 2009

hot and cold

Well I was so busy last friday and even monday and tuesday, now today, nothing to do. Well that's not true, it's just I've got this one project I've had for months and am so sick of and want it to be over! Oh well, better just get it done.

So my muscles are sore! I think it's mostly from monday's strength class. I hadn't done it since first week of Feb. But yesterday I also did a ton of exercise! I went for a RUN OUTSIDE! Just 15 minutes. It was only like -5 or something. But it also is tough to run in snow. I wore my Garmin and it was interesting to see how much faster I'd run on shovelled sidewalks or on the street compared to softer snow (snow that was quite packed before, but because it's sort of melty, all the snow gets softer.) Anyway I was pleased with myself for getting a run in. I was way fast too (when not in snow). I'll have to upload my garmin to see my average but I was in the 12 km/hr range for periods! (that's sometimes my fast interval pace!)

Anyway, so then I cooked up some tacos made with elk meat. I'm not actually a big fan of the elk flavour so spicing them up was a good idea. My no starchy carb thing was sort of broken with 2 hard taco shells. I could have just had taco salad except for some reason I hate it. But if you put the same stuff in a shell it's good. I'm crazy.

I couldn't just be done however, I had a few gummy worms. They're almost gone thank goodness.

I wanted to say about the carb thing. It's definately not like I'm not having any carbs! Didn't you see my food yesterday? It was all fruit! (fruit's all carb!). I just meant, very specifically, no potatoes, no rice, no bread, no cereal, no granola bars etc. Pretty much everythign I have is already whole wheat or something. Not the stupid cereal bars and junk that I've become addicted to lately though. Oh well. Making progress.

I just wanted to focus on the meat and fruits and veggies.

Anyway, after supper, watched a little tv, then learned a couple step tracks. I was right, every other track is going much easier. Except the stretching track. It would be nice if I could just stretch how I wanted to stretch, what I wanted to stretch, but not for my video. Oh well. The other tough thing will be talking while doing crunches. I have to focus to not hold my breath as it is. My voice is gonna get all funny for sure. (It's a Group Step class, the 2nd last track is abs or other strength, and the last track is stretching.)

Anyway, so I ran through a few tracks for like an hour. I thought my legs were sore before?! I love it!

I wrote a big list of things I have to do this week and didn't look at it last night. Thought I'd remember most of it. I was busy all night, then this mornign looked at my list, the things I did had to get done, but weren't even on my list. I can't cross anythign out. Well I could add the thigns I did and then cross them out.

tonight I've got step class (taking not teaching). When I get home I'm gonna see if I know a track well enough that I could practice teach it tonight (my instructor offered) but I'm not sure if I do yet. I think I'm still way too nervous about that. It's alright practicing on the weekends in front of the other instructors who are just learning too, but a real class, might be too tricky. We'll see.

Anyway, it's now lunch time. Gonna go enjoy a salad.


Vanessa said...

I ♥ elk! It definitely needs a little spicing up though.

Jen said...

*laughs* I HATE when i do that!! I ALWAYS write to do lists and then just when i think I accomplished everything, NOPE! Wasn't on the list!!!!

I love being sore after a workout!!! Feels REALLY good!

ambernicole said...

quick comment about the teaching. I have been an instructor for almost a year and i think the best thing to do is just get up there. It's scary at first, but you need to take the plunge. You have the other instrutor with you so you can sort of follow along and see what they are doing. In my experiance its better to just get up there and not psych yourslf out too much. Good Luck

Angie All The Way said...

I've never tried elk before. I don't even think we have it around here?

That's all exciting about the step class, I just think it's awesome :-)