Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reasons to lose weight

these have got to be reasons #205 and up:

New chafing - I am now experiencing armpit chaffing. Ew. (this has to do with me doing more arm movements with the step, instructors gotta do it!) It's weird and painful and affecting my movements and stuff (only while working out). But I've gotta be comfortable when teaching right? That means less arm fat.

skin, chins, etc - It's strange, but I think my face and skin and coloring look better when I'm about 6 lbs lighter. I'm sure this is all in my head. I dunno. I see double chins now, my skin seems sort of pasty (could just be winter). But I just think I'm overall healthier less than 140 lbs and it shows up in everything (including my attitude).

clothes - I know this has always been on my list. But I have all these tshirts and tanks that I used to wear. Now I still wear them (they're like my only clothes!) But I wear bunnyhugs and sweaters and any kind of zip up on top of them. Not for warmth...

Gotta change.


Lindsay said...

i know what you mean about wearing your old shirts, but wearing sweaters over them not for warmth..
I hate that feeling, one of my main reasons to loose weight as well!

Angie All The Way said...

I get ya on the "bunny hug" and t-shirt part.

I think the chaffing thing has more to do with a new movement on a sensitive area of skin and not because of the amount of arm fat you have. You're still a tiny athletic kind of girl, just sayin'!

This time of year sucks for complexion and I'm willing to bet that part is the winter affecting you more than your weight, just sayin'!

I can't help it if you're a fit and athletic beauty to be admired! ;-)