Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i hate subject lines(.com)

that feels like a dot com doesn't it?

ok well it's tuesday. welcome. i'm eating my veggies and fruits. food de jeur:
b - pb and honey toast. (really have to start making better breakfasts, wake up earlier!)
s - 20 almonds, 100 cal pack fruitsnacks (again, mistake)
l - salad with tuna, cantaloup, veggies and dip (so easy to see where to improve in retrospect isn't it?)
s - yogurt, grapes
dinner - nothing thawed out yet. Maybe do a leftover meal. We had ham last night. Or maybe soup and sandwiches?

I had a realization today, as I was finishing my fruit snacks. there went 100 calories. I don't have a ton to lose, but the difference is going to be in like 2 or 3 100 calorie bursts every day. So knock the honey off the toast, knock the fruitsnacks out. replace the dip with hummus (or nothing). instant calorie deficit. Don't even notice it right?

It's sort of the same as money management. If you want to save money or whatever, watch what you spend. no you can't change your mortgage or car payment really, but you could not buy lunch out, not buy that new shirt, buy things in bulk not individual packages. Small things that add up. The money thing is so intuitive for me. I realize every time I spend a dime that this is a splurge, yet, I can grab a handful of dinosours after supper and not even notice. I need to be more conscious.

Plus thinking of losing weight as only finding 100 calories a couple times a day makes it much more manageable. (oh, and don't tell me to count calories because I refuse. Nothing could conflict with my personality more).

Pants were darn tight this morning. They were fresh out of the wash, and I know I had a big bad weekend (plus TOM is imminent). Not fun at all.

Hubby and Daisy are home sick today. I hate being sick. I'm knocking wood and eating vitamins like crazy because winter's over and I haven't gotten sick yet.

So tonight I am practicing step right though. What a good idea the other instructor had. Instead of going track by track. Because in between each track I have to check out the book, regroup. Won't be able to do that when teaching. So that will be one heck of a workout tonight. Might do it twice through.

Oh, weight class was nice and tough yesterday. Pushed it hard because it's my last one for a long while. PLUS, after class I was talking to a girl about when I start teaching and some other people overheard and want to come take my class now! (there's a 3 week break for Easter or something now, classes start again End of April). So wednesday I'm bringing a couple drop in passes for them. Eek!

I think I'm gonna be busy with work soon (aside from very desparately bored). So that should help distract me from food (which is currently the highlight of my day).

Oh, I also want to mention that I'm thinking of making my blog private. Those with private blogs let me know your thoughts on that, regret it ever? I like having lurkers and random people, but I'm starting to get paranoid that somebody I know in real life might be reading and I like just writing things I might not say.


Vanessa said...

Calorie management techniques = money management techniques. I like that...smart thinking!

I didn't like having a private blog, so I try to keep anything I don't want public out of it.

If you don't want to worry about that then private might be the way to go. I want in though! :)

Vanessa said...

Umm...anything I don't want MADE public, that is.

Proofreading skillz...I has them.

Jen said...

Those are great ways to think of cutting back on calories!!! seriously, you won't even notice...

i like to count calories because I secretly think i should have been an accountant...i get a sick pleasure out of counting calories!!

i do the same as Vanessa, if there is something i don't want people to know, i just don't put it on there!!! BUT if you go private, that's cool too -- as long as you invite me! ;p

Tiffa said...

If you go private, please add me! I know I don't comment often, but I really love reading.

eurydice said...

i wish it were that easy (the calorie management) - now that i know how many calories things are, my mind bases my hunger around that. for example, if i have a 200 calorie breakfast instead of a 400 calorie breakfast, my mind knows and sends hunger to my stomach early!

Angie All The Way said...

Calorie budget and money budget can be very similar, so true.

For 10 - 15 lbs to lose, I would say that your calorie deficit will serve your metabolism better if it comes from exercise which you are definitely getting lately with your step etc. When you get within 10 - 15 lbs, it's trickier than just a calorie deficit. (Obviously, right? I don't want to sound like I'm telling you something you don't already know.) I know you don't want to count calories, and that's fine, just putting it out there that JM recommends that you stay around 1300ish calories per day and get about 5 hours of activity in per week. Just sayin'!

But your perspective on it is dead on though. Skipping this or that during the day can definitely add up and make a difference on your calorie budget.

My problem seems to be sticking to an exercise routine. I'm so happy the weather is getting better because I'm loving running outside.

For me I didn't want to go private because it was that "unknown" accountability and support that keeps me honest. So, I decided that I would mostly stick to the topic of weight loss and not speel too much about my personal life on there. But we all blog for difference reasons.