Thursday, March 19, 2009


Day 1 on a diet. I'm hungry. I don't know if it's day 1, nor do I know if it's a diet. But Day 1 (lately) of being serious? Hungry. But only because it's moments away from lunch.

This morning was the PC blue menu fibre cereal (cant' remember the name) with strawberries and a banana. Even gross cereal is good with strawberries and bananas. (not that this is gross). Then snack was 15 almonds and 1/3 cup of craisins. But I ate this too early, hence the hunger.

Lunch will be leftover veggie stirfry with Udon noodles (I think that's the noodles I used, I just found this package in the cupboard). No meat. However I think the noodles have protein. I also have grapes, strawberries, carrots and celery with dill dip (I have no problem with the dip as the fat in it (though not much, 1% sour cream?) helps keep me full. Plus plus, for afternoon snack I packed a roast beef sandwich (only 200 calories) and or a yogurt and apple. Since I'm so hungry now I'm sure I'll eat everything. But that's alright.

Supper will probably be peanut butter toast. I'm basically just running home, changing, eating, letting the dog out, then coming back in to the city for a step "tutorial" or workshop or something. Basically put on at the gym for beginners to learn what the moves are and to not feel intimidated at the first real class. An acquaintance is going so I thought I'd go too (not required).

So that's going to be the only workout. Probably wont' be tough either. Oh well. That's life. Soon it will be warm enough for outside runs right? (I say that every day)

Other than that, bored at work, excited for the weekend (which is my birthday too!) I have lots of plans of going out with various people to eat and watch movies and stuff. But I want to also cook myself some treats (guacamole, this chicken pocket recipe from hungry girl today, you get that one?, angel food cake. etc. Stuff I like but that's not horrible for you).

Anyway, hope the microwave is free now!!!

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Jen said...

Day 1 is usually like that hey??? i hate that feeling!!!! lately i have been drinking tea to stave off hunger!!

I am glad that you sound so excited for your birthday!!!! I hope you get spoiled!!!!