Friday, March 13, 2009

I love weekends

But who doesn't?

So the scale betrayed me. Punished me for talking about my sneakpeak. Yesterday I was 144 something, today 146 something. Aw well. Moving on.

Yesterday I was feeling sort of lazy. I did my step tracks a few times, but didn't really give 'er on them. Focused on learning rather than working out. Which is alright. Then took a break. Just was feeling tired. By 8:30 I remembered I was supposed to do heavy weights so I got them out and did a squats, lunges, deadlifts, rows, hip raises, shoulder presses and chest presses. Nice and out of breathe from that. Then more relaxing and doing nothing. Watched some curling and Holmes on Homes. I love him. I love his attitude. Just do it right.

Planned a bit for going home. Got the tax stuff together. Got some random things together for going home. Made some lists. I'm going to try and get off work early today. Get home, pack quick and then we're back into the city (hubby has to drop off something he's selling on Kijiji), then to the grocery store to buy fruits and veggies for mom. And balloons and cake fixings (we're gonna make one, but need the whipped cream and candles!). She thought we didn't know it was a big birthday, just a regular one. (it's her 50th). hehehe.

So grab the groceries and get home. Then I have a big pile of stuff we're gonna do, clean basically every room in the house (at least dust and vacuum each), plus laundry, bathrooms, scrub kitchen, outside tidying. Clean out the guest bathroom, it doesn't need to have all that stuff in there, it's still from when we all used to live at home! But that'll all be on Saturday, friday will be the relaxing and celebrating.

Anyway, I'm very munchy feeling today. Eat lunch a little early I think.

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Jen said...

I feel like I accomplished NOTHING this weekend...I am already looking forward to the next so that I can get some stuff done!!!

Silly scale, it should reward you for how kick ass you have been!!!