Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a good day

So after my weekend of blah, I had a good monday. My lunch packed was terrific, tons of fruits and veggies. yum. I've got a bit of the munchies and might eat a bit more than I usually do. but it was fruit mostly so I'm ok. Nice little cleanse.

Then I went to get groceries. Bought so much fresh stuff. yum yum yum. Spring salad mix, strawberries, bok choy, broccoli sprouts, carrots, baby tomatoes, asparagus, bananas, cantaloup. oh delish. That's pretty much it besides some paper towel, milk, cheese, roast beef for sandwiches. Really good. Hopefully I can eat that all this week and then buy it again on monday. I have to start thinking of grocery trips as enough for just the week. That means I need to make a stir-fry or something with the bok choy THIS WEEK. (anybody do anything else with bok choy?)

So came home, grilled up some chicken breast. Also asparagus, and broccoli steamed. Plate full of broccoli, 3 asparagus spears (I only like the tips so I try not to eat that much since hubby LOVES it). a bit of shredded cheese on the veggies. Half a chicken breast. Yummy. Completely stuffed. then a glass of milk, and a handful of mini-eggs (ok, so not perfect. I saw them on the cupboard and couldn't resist). By then it was time for me to go to my exercise class.

REALLY hard on the legs for some reason. I don't know why lunges are so hard for me. I can barely do them. I guess I need to work on them. Anyway, good class all around. tough. Then I came home, walked my dog for 15 minutes. Poor thing has some sort of depression, I'm sure it's about the weather. She just mopes around, looking outside. She hasn't been getting as much exercise as she should be. my fault. Anyway, she perked right up with the walk. Then I went downstairs and hit the treadmill, just for 10 minutes. Nice and fast, like 3 good songs. I realized haven't ran since I took the Step training. Hopefully the snow will all melt soon and it will warm up and I can run outside. Then I get Daisy exercised and myself in one. Anyway, so I managed to do my class and do some running AND walk the dog. (and make a healthy supper and clean up and run a load of laundry. AND help hubby take a sliver out of his heel.) Great time. I'm super woman.

today is shaping up to be good as well. This morning I ate a bit much than I'd like. But I only packed so much so it's just a timing thing. Just hungry this morning for some reason. Then after work today I'm going out with some girl friends. Not for St. Patrick's Day (have a good one!) but because it's my birthday Saturday! I'm turning old (27). Feels old sometimes. Anyway, we're going out for drinks. But I'm not drinking. I'm not really sure what's gonna happen. I'm not sure if we're really eating or just appetizers. (i hope eating, appetizers have like no healthy options). Anyway, we shouldn't be too late, one of the girls has to be home by 8:00 I think. So when I get home I have to practice step. I'm teaching 2 new ones this week and then it's time for the launch and it's really on! Plus my instructor for the class I go to on Wednesdays is coming to our practice so I'll be teaching her, so I want to be really ready and awesome.

Anyway, I guess I better do some real work now. It's so dull. I don't like writing journal papers, in case you were wondering.

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