Monday, March 30, 2009

What a weekend!

So I had a great weekend. What did I do? What didn't I do!

Friday, stopped at the mall to try and buy an orange headband (we're supposed to wear black and orange for Step, but I had nothing!) I found a bright orange elastic kind. Which basically doesn't work in my hair, but it was the only thing I could find! I had to hairspray it in place! So went home, walked the dog. Practiced my tracks. Hung out. Played with Photoshop until midnight.

Saturday, got up early thanks to my dog who didn't realize it was the weekend. Oh well. at least it's light out now. Makes it so much easier to get up. So watch some tv, play on the computer, get dressed for Step and go.

The class went terrific. it was packed. Normally there's like 10-15 people in a class, we had 30!! We used every step in the whole place. Plus had to turn away at least 1 person. PACKED, HOT, STINKY! yay! My tracks went well. I was a bit nervous because there were so many people, but it was fine. My friend said I was the best one, most motivating, but of course she's my friend so she's gonna say that. I think I also had the best tracks, one was the hardest on you for cardio, but easy enough moves, the other was a cool down "dancey" track so it was fun and had a goofy arms and stuff. Anyway, I loved it. But I hope I don't have to teach 30 people again.

Then after we got free protein shakes at the gym. Nice. Then I had to kill 2 hours before my facial appointment (so I didn't have to drive home and waste gas). so I went to a different mall, again looking for orange headbands or just whatever. But I was still feeling fat so I didn't have fun looking at clothes and stuff. Again, found nothing orange. Lulu didn't have anything orange at all, everything's this new peachy color that I don't think I like. (and I was looking forward to using my 15% instructor discount!!) Anyway, did buy a cute platter for like $2 at this liquidation center. But the line for that was so long I was almost late for my facial! But got there just in time. It was just a mini 30 minute facial that I got free for Christmas. Very relaxing. Don't think my skin's any different at all, I've got pretty good skin.

So went home after that. Walked the dog. Cleaned the house. Dusted EVERYTHING. vaccuumed, made pea soup, cleaned the bathroom top to bottom, caught up on Lost, paid the bills, researched digital cameras, scanned all my sister's pictures as a kid for her wedding slideshow, did 7 loads of laundry. cleaned the kitchen. Played with the dog. Went to bed before 10:00.

Sunday, woke up early again, (thanks Daisy). Sunday was the fun day. All the work was done, so I just scrapbooked and watched tv all day. Well I also went into the city to get Daisy's nails trimmed. (I just can't do it, she's too squirmy and I'm too scared of hurting her, she doesn't mind it at Petsmart because she likes new people and places and car rides). So lots of nothing. Finished up the laundry. Hubby got home at 10:00 just as I was going to bed. (he was ice fishing all weekend, that's why I got so much done!)

Now I've got nothing going on until Thursday when I teach. So I'll be doing some practicing since I'll have to do 4 tracks, (then 5 on Sunday). But hopefully I can go for a run outside too. It's finally melting here! Ridiculous!

Oh, and thanks to the end of TOM, I lost a pound in 3 days. Sweet.

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eurydice said...

what a great weekend. you should check out american apparel online - they ship for cheap, fast, and i know they have sporty headbands in every colour imaginable. i have a red one.