Friday, March 20, 2009

Tomorrow is my birthday! (feel free to send warm wishes in advance)

Ha! I think I'm funny, but I definately can see why some people might not like me. (hope you do though!)

Tonight the birthday festivities start with supper with my sister and her fiance (who's birthdays it today) and a bunch of friends. I'm looking forward to it, but I still don't want it to take too long, I have a long list of things I want to do, but we'll get to that.

Saturday I booked myself a hair appointment. I'm dying it RED !!! yay! Red, but a normal hair color red, not a fake red. (so sort of orange right?) I'm positive it will look great, I had red hair as a kid and my mom has red red hair (and I basically look just like my mom) so I'm sure the coloring will look good. I don't know if I want to do just a solid dye (which is what I was sort of leaning towards) or if I want to do it with highlights and/or lowlights too or only with highlights and lowlights or what. I've never had my hair colored in a salon (well once I got blond highlights all over my head, which I liked at the time, but now I think a solid color is bolder or something, i dunno). I only ever did the at home dye's (which I always loved afterward, I love change I think). and never that dramatic (well once I went pretty dark brown and ADORED it, dark hair is easier to do, it never looks as messy as blond or brown).

Anyway, so that's gonna take up my saturday morning. The rest of the things I want to do saturday (or friday, time permitting):
make guacamole
make angel food cake
make chicken pockets (bought the ingredients!)
practice my new step tracks (practice to perfection! I'll be teaching my instructor!)
clean the bathtub walls (bothering me lately)
scrapbook or scan photos for sister's slideshow
exercise my poor puppy (more on her later)

I'm also going to do lunch or brunch with my sister either saturday or sunday.

Saturday night hubby and I are doing supper and a movie (for free with gift cards!) Not sure if I want to see Duplicity or I Love You, Man. Since it's my choice I thought I should choose something that hubby wouldn't choose (who normally does the picking) so I'm leaning towards Duplicity. Anyone seen it?

Then Sunday morning maybe brunch, then the Homestyles show. (basically a tradeshow about houses and decorating and renovations and stuff). I love all tradeshows, and we're finishing our basement as we speak right? Perfect. Get some ideas, get some prices, ask some questions. So looking forward to this.

Then I've got Step practice at 4. That's all the plans for the whole day. so maybe more scrapbooking or shopping or something. yay!

So yesterday I had the Step intro class. it was good. I didn't know what to do with myself. 2 instructors were doing the demo, so I just participated, but at the front so people could follow me. Sorta felt weird. I'm good at leading and instructing and stuff, but not when there are other "authority figures" or bosses or people who know more than me there. Intimidating. Anyway, I think it was good.

Then when I got home, hubby had given my dog a bath (we went for a quick jog after work and then she didn't want to come inside). so she was soaking wet still when I got home, I tried to brush her fur out a bit, but she ran away from me! That is NOT ok. So I track her down and brush her. It was really wet on her hind end so I thought I'd blow dry it a bit. She's a bit scared of the blow dryer, and of the vaccuum and of baths, but I thought it would be ok if I was holding her and petting her (basically there's no reason to be scared so I thought I'd show her that). She was having none of it. She was absolutely terrified, ran away (even when I was holding her fur so I'm sure it hurt really bad.) It was really sad. I felt so bad afterwards for putting her through all that. But just like a dog, she forgave me right away and we snuggled. Hubby and I think she might have been abused or something (we got her from the pound when she was already 5 months old. Something about bathtime and blow drying scarred her).

Oh, WI 146.4. So I think that's up. or a STS. But next week, boy get ready! (gonna have to keep remembering that when I'm eating out 3 meals this weekend).


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday ! :)

Lainey said...

Happy birthday!

Bi0nicw0man said...

Happy Early Birthday!

Sounds like an action-packed weekend.

Can't wait to hear the review of those chicken pockets. It's been a while since I've seen an HG recipe I actually wanted to make, but there were two in that recent email. I want to try the buffalo chicken dip too...except I won't be using totally fat-free stuff and will use a real chicken boobie. :)

Vanessa said...

Happy Early Bithday! Sounds like it will be a good one :)

spunkysuzi said...

Happy Birthday, i know you'll have a great one!!

Sagan said...