Thursday, March 5, 2009


How many people out there eat nuts regularly? Peanuts, almonds etc? How much/many do you eat? I'm having a hard time being satisfied with a serving (like 12 almonds!) even though it's plenty of calories. It's just so dense that I feel like I should eat something else that will trick me (popcorn?). But you just can't argue with the nutrition of nuts. So many health benefits.

So yesterday when I got home, Daisy's boyfriend had come for a visit. He's a HUGE husky named Duke that sometimes escapes from his owner's property and wonders our street. He looks like a wolf and it's sort of scary to see him just wandering around. But the first time I saw him I just said "sit" and he did. So I knew he was alright. anyway, he got away from his owner again, so we played with him (and Daisy) in the backyard for a few minutes, then put Daisy on her leash and tried to take him home (he didn't have a collar on so couldn't hook him up too). Well Daisy and I had to run to keep up with this monster walking. and he was leading at first, but if I went a different way he'd come follow. I got him to where I knew roughly where his home was and he was trotting way in front of us so we turned around. Then all of a sudden Daisy turned backwards and sat down. I was like what they hell? Turn around and there's Duke barrelling towards us full speed. Ok, so he didn't want to go home yet! It was sort of hilarious how different DAisy was around him, very much the smaller, more hyper dog, when I'm used to seeing her as the dominant big dog.

Hubby said watching the two of them made him think Daisy was saying "hey do you like bones? I love bones oh no you don't? No I don't like them either. how about playing fetch we can play fetch if you want oh ok how about tug of war yeah that's fun, oh, you're strong, hey look at me jumping! if I jump up on this side of you I can almost see your eyes you have such pretty eyes so do you want to run around now?" And the whole time Duke was just moving in slow motion, peeing on stuff. He just puts his paw on Daisy and squashes her, like "that's enough". He almost squashes me when I ask him to shake a paw!

Anyway, his owner came looking for him and so we tried to get him to go home. Tricky. Smart dog, stays just out of reach. Anyway, that took up my supper making time yesterday. So I ate scrambled eggs and toast. Hubby was going out for wings after a meeting.

Then I practiced my new step track. I now have 2 down solid, and almost a third. It's so much work to just learn those, seems crazy that I'll have to do a full 10 tracks in a month!

Then it was time to go to step class. Instructor didn't ask if I wanted to practice teach so I didn't bring it up. I think I would have said yes though. Oh well. I'll get a practice on sunday.

So class was good. I can't believe how sore my back, butt and hamstrings are. (the new track I learned has a lot of ham curls).

So after that, when I finally got home it was basically bed time. I had so much I wanted to do though. I did edit some pictures into collages for the 2 suprise 30th birthday's I've got this weekend. Just a bunch of embarrassing pictures. I'm a pro at photoshop now. Love it. Then it was lights out!

Today I'm trying to cut the starch again. I had a protein shake with tons of berries for breakfast. Keeping me fairly full. Did have a couple tablespoons of peanuts (hubby took the almonds to work! boo!) earlier. Then lunch is gonna be salad with tuna. Snacks are grapes, melon, yogurt, apples, kiwi. very fruity. I'm thawing out chicken breast for supper. With some huge amount of veggies. maybe green beans. Yum. Going to Costco on the way home. Picking up spinach for sure. Who knows what else. whatever looks good!

Workout tonight is step. Gonna try and learn #3 and 4. I'll almost be half done then! Not too shabby. Maybe a 10 minute jog as well, just to keep it up.


healthy ashley said...

The husky sounds like fun!

If I have nuts, I eat a LOT.. so I try to just keep almond slivers or little walnut pieces in the house so I can still eat them, just not a lot of them!

sherijung said...

As a maintainer, I eat an ounce of nuts, usually once a day. I almost always measure them out on my food scale, because you can really do a lot of damage quickly with an oversize portion.

When I was in weight loss mode, I only ate nuts as a kind of a reward for working out. It's just a lot of fat and calories when you are trying to keep a caloric deficit, even though it is totally a healthy snack.

Miz said...

I love my nuts.

I really really needed to start with them preportioned into baggies (or with the almonds spending the extra money on the 100 cal packs) but now I kinda know a portion and only take that much and PUT THE CONTAINER BACK :)

really helped my hair be more shiny as well as helped me to lose body fat!

Sara said...

I like nuts but find the same thing. So I usually measure and add it to oatmeal or cereal. That way I get them but it isn't the whole meal.

eurydice said...

i eat nuts all the time but i have to portion them out. i might have a tablespoon of slivered almonds on oatmeal, or 6-10 almonds paired with an apple. sometimes if i'm starving before dinner i'll grab a handful or nuts - maybe 10 to tide me over.