Friday, February 20, 2009

I watched the Last 10lb bootcamp last night. It had a guy on it. Interesting. Hubby said, "he's not even that big or anything" but I explained, yeah "last 10 lbs" right? I think hubby was comparing to himself and his friends, who are all bigger. that must not feel nice to the old ego. But this dude did obviously have a beer belly to lose. Anyway, it showed the food he should try and eat every day. SO LITTLE! And this is a dude! Definately less than what I eat. Interesting. I don't remember what the calories were though. But all his meals and snacks were tiny. Poor guy. AND full of veggies, like lentil soup and wilted spinach. Guys don't eat like that do they? ;) Heck, I can't eat like that!

Just interesting to me. I know I eat relatively lots. But I don't really want to change that, if my metabolism is keeping me steady with all this i'll take it. Well as in I'll cut down a little, to lose weight, but not to that sort of degree!

Speaking of, my WI this morning, 145.4. that's an exact STS. I thought it was a loss. oh well. I told myself as I stepped on the scale "there are changes happening, you're happy with how you look, this number won't change that." And it didn't. Except I wish it was a loss. oh well.

Yeah, so I'm feeling better about my belly now. Posture makes a big difference, and posture improves with core work. So now when I walk my dog I brace my abs like I'm about to get punched. It's different from just having abs "engaged", this actually hurts after a few minutes. Not sure if it's really that, but it makes me feel like I'm working so I'm keeping it up. Also, ran on the treadmill again last night. Should have put better socks on and my blister coating stuff. I got a painful blister on the arch of my foot. Horrible place to get a blister, but that's where I get them now. Hopefully it won't still be affecting me tomorrow during Step! But I did different sort of intervals. Milder ones, using small inclines, and just ran a longer time. Finally running is feeling easier, and I don't feel out of shape doing easy speeds. But the endurance isn't really back yet. I ran just about 4 miles in just over 30 minutes. Pretty pleased with that. Needed one walking break as the treadmill was moving and I had to put it back, plus that's when my blister showed up. I should have stopped and changed socks or just stopped all together right then, but I was stubborn and went through it. Oh well, I iced it before bed and it doesn't hurt now (granted I'm sitting...).

So that was the good.

The bad is my eats. I over ate my trailmix yesterday. I wasn't hungry for supper so I cooked hubby some souvlaki but was going to just have some eggs myself (actually at first wasn't going to eat right away, but my mind kicked in and said supper time). so scrambled up some eggs with my leftover veggies from supper yesterday. Then I shredded too much cheese into it, and had it with some fancy mashed potatoes I thawed out (as in with creamcheese, they're delicious). So my "light" supper wasn't so great. THEN I had 2 handfulls of chocolate covered raisins, and about 3 gummy worms (stupid hubby packing for his fishing trip, he was in charge of snacks). But thankfully I stopped myself and had half a diet coke since I knew I just needed yummy tastes.

Tonight I've got tons to do, might try and leave work early. But I also have to finish something for work today. I've got to pick up my luggage from the repair shop (new zipper), buy some fruit since I'm out (packed CANNED for lunch) and will definately need it tomorrow, and I've got an eyebrow wax at 5:45. Combine that with getting off work at 4:45 and needing a half hour drive to get home for the waxing, pretty tight. oh, and grocery store and luggage place aren't near each other at all. Yep, gotta go early.

Tonight I'm planning on going to bed early, not working out. Packing food for tomorrow, maybe watching Lost. Step training class starts at 7:00 am tomorrow, again need that half hour drive, PLUS they're really sticky about being on time I hear. ew. Oh yeah, class will go form 7:00am to 6:00pm without stopping for lunch. I sure hope there are little 10 minute breaks for water and bathroom!


Sagan said...

Most of the time when I want to have a "light" supper I end up going back for more afterward and then it just becomes something big... so frustrating.

So glad that you're feeling good!I like your way to get in an abs workout just while walking.

Vanessa said...

Have fun in Step training!

Jen said...

That's weird that the guy in the bootcamp would eat less than eat all sorts of good stuff (even a couple of gummy worms isn't bad!)

I hope you got to all your appointments in time yesterday!! I hate the evening rush!