Wednesday, February 11, 2009

deviating from the plan

Well if I can't remember to thaw out food the night before, then supper will never be what I set out in my weekly plan! grr! Last night I forgot to thaw out some chicken, and hubby was home before me and made cream of celery soup (just a can). So that was supper, with a bun and a banana. Not too bad. But not the plan. I remembered to thaw something today, but I won't be home to eat it, (yes that's part of the plan). Hubby's having elk smokies. I'm having a pb&j sandwich.

Went to the gym yesterday for the first time (my new gym). It was nice, but I felt a bit lost. I'd like a workout buddy. I sort of wandered a bit. I did 10 minutes on the treadmill (each cardio machine has a tv you can hook up your earphones to, plus they have virtual trainers and can make you do any number of different workouts like intervals, or races or whatever. Plus you can plug in a USB drive to save your data. Just seems fun, but overwhelming). 10 minutes on the elliptical (I had the wrong shoes for running and could feel a blister coming so had to switch). Then tried to use the weights. I don't really like weight machines, but wasn't feeling confident enough to do much at the free weights. I did some leg presses and assisted chinups, then did some arm exercises at the free weights. I think I need to come in with a plan.

Luckily I have tons of plans at home that I really think are good. I've got the New Rules of Lifting for Women that I still haven't done, plus I've got months and months of Turbulence Training workouts.

So what's new today... my sister found herself and new rental place for her and her fiance to move in together. Exciting. It's near my friend's house who is hosting our first "ladies group" meeting so we'll drive by it tonight. AFter workout I'm hitting the gym again, then going to my sister's to eat my sandwich and give her her shoes. Then going to the ladies group. (anybody have a different name for it, I hate that one. It's not really a splurge group or anything since we're not spending money, just getting together for different things. A book club without books.) Since all I've got is a sandwich for supper, I'm going to plan to eat a bit at the meeting. She said veggies and hummus so I'm counting on that!

Stupid TV is preventing me from getting as much done as I used to in the evenings. I watched a Baby Story, Ellen and Project Runway Canada last night. Normally I don't even get these shows. I've got my PVR taping like 4 hours a day. Hopefully the novelty wears off soon and I save these up for weekends. I'd like to just have some of these shows on while I clean house or scrapbook. They're shows you don't necessarily need to sit and watch and pay attention to. Plus I have to figure out what shows I even like and when the new episodes are on and stuff. I taped Biggest Loser so I'm excited to watch that for the first time EVER since it's so popular on here.

Anyway, salad time. I remembered dressing today! (yesterday I had a can of pears in light syrup in my desk drawer and put some of that - not all the liquid! - on my salad and it was awesome.)


eurydice said...

i love project runway canada. that iman is one tough bitch.

Angie All The Way said...

I never thaw anything out the night before because hubby NEVER EVER knows what he wants to have EVER and it's a daily thing:

Me: "what do you want for supper?"
HUBS: "i dunno, what is there?"
Me: "same thing as always?"
HUBS: "yeah but what?"
Me: "a, b, c, d, why don't I give you a menu because you seem to think this is a restaurant"
HUBS: (puts a cute face on) "can I have...."
Me: "frig, fine"

Nice eh?!

Hey are you comin to T-dot er what???!!! :-)

Jen said...

EVEN though we have a PVR, I still end up's just because my husband loads up the PVR with HD stuff and you can hold fewer HD shows...

Anyway....I don't know, any girl get togethers are either called Ladies night or GNO (girls night out)

Angie All The Way said...

RYC: Oh yeah, you didn't join our private FB group! I requested to add you as a friend a while back and you didn't accept or didn't respond - which btw was a blow to the old ego :-P Should I try again to re-add you? No worries if not.

We are trying to keep the exact details under wraps to the general public to avoid any stalker-type situations if possible!

Angie All The Way said...

RYC: Oh yeah, no my name is Francesca :-P (It's Angela) lol I just requested you again. There aren't many Randi's out there I don't think!