Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lent post

So today is Ash Wednesday I guess, from the word on the internet. A lot of talk about giving something up for Lent. Interesting stuff.

I would like to point out something. I think most people doing this are just doing it the same as any other "challenge" online, like the BLBE, or the 100 rep challenge or something. Which is totally fine. Giving up sweets or vowing to exercise every day or something. All great stuff.

If you are doing it for "religious" reasons, those don't really count. It's not about getting healthier, it's about "depriving" yourself of something. It should be a sacrifice. While not eating cookies for Lent may feel like a sacrifice and deprivation, I'd be doing it to lose weight, not for a religious experience. Do you see the difference? Giving up something for Lent would be like a child giving up his allowance, or not eating out or not going shopping. (though there could be other reasons for doing each of those as well.)

I am not doing anything special for Lent. My Catholic guilt kicks in when I think of that though, like I should try going to church or something. But instead I'll just try and be a better person all the time or something. ;)


Christy said...

I'm using it as an excuse to challenge myself - and I'm Catholic!

Randi said...

I think that's what lots of people are doing. I think that's great. If I were more organized I might have set up a challenge for myself, but then again, as it's not really religious, I can just make up my own 40 days starting whenever I like!

Sara said...

agreed. like you commented - 40 days is like a perfect time frame for a challenge and Lent is a great excuse. Am I doing it for religious reasons? Hell no.

Lainey said...

My Mom is Catholic, but I've never seen her give up anything for Lent. I've never even heard her mention Lent.

As for me, I'm (quite happily) a heathen. :o) No Lent for me.

Angie All The Way said...

Great point! I'm not catholic, so lent was never something I practiced, but you're right. I think people look for justifications to give up something that actually benefits them!

Dr. J said...

Hi Randi!

Excuse my comment as being off-topic. I noticed on Charlotte's site that you said your mom had kidney stone from too high calcium. I am not an expert in this area, but I have heard that stones can be caused from having too little available calcium, causing the body to mobilize the available calcium sources ie bones and therefore causing osteoporosis. The excess circulating calcium in the blood stream gets filtered in the kidney and causes the calcium stone build up. If appropriate, talk to the involved doctor about this and your mom. I hope only to be helpful.

Jen said...

I have used it as a good excuse for a challenge in previous years and i like it! But it's DEFINITELY not for religious reasons!!!

Regarding your post below: Cookie was my first word too!!! And I LOVE homemade cookies (but Oreos come in second!) I have been buying those frozen tubs of cookie dough because I can make only a few at a time!

AND since i haven't been around for a few days:

It sounds like your step class went well!! Even if the routine got messed up SLIGHTLY, it was your first class, and it takes a lot more than one class to learn how to be a teacher!!

And good for you for booking yourself a pedicure to treat yourself!! I love doing that!

Sagan said...

I think you've made a good point here- I'm not Catholic but it doesn't seem quite right to use religion as a way to lose weight etc... it should be about the spirituality, shouldn't it?

PS I too am highly addicted to cookies :)