Monday, February 9, 2009

A big update

Such a busy long weekend for me to recap! Get ready for a long one!

Thursday night my brothers came over and helped adjust the satellite dish. And yes folks, we got tv. Hurray! So didn't do the cleaning and packing, until 9:00 when they left. Too busy playing with the PVR! And watching shows I didn't have access to! Like 30 Rock. It IS funny! I had no idea.

Anyway, so hubby still didn't let me know what he anticipated for the weekend. So I tried not to overpack. And I succeeded. I underpacked. Oh well. I can wear the same thing 2 days in a row. House got completly cleaned too. Our plane didn't leave until noon on friday. So friday mornign was changing linens and one last clean and pack.

Got a friend to drop us off at the airport. Waiting for a plane (especially before a trip) always feels soooo long. Plus with the whole liquids thing I get freaked out and extra extra thirsty but feel like I can't get anything since I can't bring it through security (and I'm too dumb to realize I can buy something on the other side). I have mini panic attacks about the thirsty thing. Dumb.

Anyway, the flight was nice and short, just an hour. Then we took a cab downtown to our hotel ($36, not too bad) and got to check in early. We just hung out in the room for 2 hours before our massage. Hubby is like that, just wants to wait and flip channels. BORING. but I dealt with it. read some magazines. explored the hotel without him. I should have brought my laptop, they did have a business center with computers and internet that we could use for free, but I still felt naked without google. How was I supposed to find anything?! I didn't even write down what airline our flights were on, because it was in my email. I either need to bring my laptop from now on, or get a blackberry or iTouch. I'm so dependant.

So massage was good. It was my girl's first day at the spa (she'd done it before, but just new there) and I think was nervous in front of the other girl. So her bedside manner and pre-massage stuff was a little weird, but once we got into it it was fine. Hubby had a sore back they were trying to workout, I just relaxed. the best part was the face massage. It was more like just a couple pressure points, but it worked so well. Who knew how tense your eyebrows are?

Anyway, so we got showered and changed after and went to the Keg to use our gift certificate (present from SIL for all the work we did at her wedding). So we had goat cheese appetizer, and I had a big margarita (we were walking) and then the steaks. very good. Even better because it was free!

So on our walk back we stopped at a Mac's and picked up some snacks for breakfast and the room and just went back and didn't really do much. I don't even remember a discussion about are we going to go out or what.

Saturday morning I got up early and just watched tv. A lot of house flip shows. Good stuff. Gave us ideas (we could SO do that, if only we knew what the housing market was going to be like. We're in a very strange place right here, house prices were shooting up, then the US housing problems came and everyone here felt like, well shouldn't we be having a problem too? but prices still are going up...) Anyway, figured out the c-train thing and headed to the game early (hubby wanted to see everything).

That was really fun. I dont' like hockey, and Calgary sucked. but the doing new things and eating hotdogs and nachos for $20 and seeing all the jerseys and little kids be excited. it was like going to the fair. The last 5 minutes of the game were exciting since we were only down 1. We got to see 2 fights (which I hated, I think it's so stupid), realized we knew one of the players (sorta, through a friend) and had lots of chances to win stuff (they were giving away player's jerseys that day). It was cool. Plus I took lots of pictures.

Then on the way home we stopped at a mall (TD center or something) and just wandered around a bit. Bought some books. I got a really good one and I'm going to be a millionaire because of it (and the book was only $7). Automatic Millionaire (by the guy who wrote Smart Women Finish Rich and all those books). I just have to convince hubby to let me be in charge of our money, not him. If only I could get him to read...

I think that's all the shopping we did there. We were feeling fairly low class to be at this mall. Everyone was walking around in suits and pencil skirts and stuff.

That's when everything broke bad. Hubby and I had a big fight. It was coming for awhile. Started about where to eat. He wanted chinese and then basically made me figure it out (which is what it felt like at least), I didn't really care where we ate so we just set out walking somewhere and then somehow everything was bad and I was crying on the street and he was mad because I wanted everythign planned and he liked to just not do anything (I kept asking, so what are we going to do tonight and he didn't say anything, because he didn't want to do anything. Which would be ok, but I wanted him to say, "stay in the room and veg" because then I could plan accordingly.) Anyway, we had our big fight but we out in the streets downtown and I didn't bring my room key so I had to stick with him anyway. So once we were into the silent treatment aftermath part of our fight, we found the Spaghetti Factory and ate there. I completely lost my appetite though so I had the side salad and then 1 bite of my lasagna. (good thing we had a fridge in the room). It was a very awkward supper. I texted through it, (we had issues with our puppysitters, they all fell through so we had to arrange to have new ones and substitute ones and part times ones, ugh).

We did make up and I think somethings are worked out that needed to be. (we were also fighting about the basement how I don't like anything he does etc.) all our fights were topics of course, and the issue was communication. We need to talk more BEFORE things happen so we can be on the same page for them. If I knew he wanted to hang out in the room all weekend I wouldn't be upset when that's what we did and he wouldn't be upset because I kept asking him what the plan was. If we agreed how we were going to lay out the basement and what finishes and blah blah blah we were going to use before we did it, then we'd both know what the other person was thinking and wanting etc. So hopefully we can remember that and put it into practice.

Anyway, so we had 3 hours of really big suck on our trip. oh well, we fight every trip we ever go on.

So then Sunday morning, I got up early, went to the gym. Was going to go for breakfast but I thought I'd feel like an idiot by myself, so I ate half my leftover lasagna in the room. Read my book, watched tv. waited for hubby to feel motivated enough to get out of bed so we could check out. We left our bags with the hotel and took the c-train to the chinook center mall (THANKS LAINEY!!!) where we felt much more comfortable instantly. We are such suburbanites. This place had a Zellers. We could breathe again. haha.

So hubby went off to sportchek and bought 10 jerseys which were on sale for buddies on his hockey team. I went off to Sephora and Shoppers and bought tons of makeup (and got free stuff, if you need any Elizabeth Arden stuff, go hit up shoppers for a free gift!). I didn't look closely at Sephora and now I'm kicking myself. I bought a primer but didn't realize the seal had been broken and wasn't full. Do you think I can return this to the online store or something? hmm...

Anyway, I also went to Lululemon and found a shirt on SALE. Seriously. I bought a tank for $24. It's a size 6, which gives me a bit of armpit bulge, but it can be a midpoint goal shirt for me. (last october I'd fit a 6). That and I found a black sweater/shrug/something also for cheap at just like Siren's or something like that. And that's all I bought.

So we head back to the hotel, pick up our bags, were going to take the train closer to the airport so the cab would be cheaper, but realized we didn't really have time for that. Manage to rearrange all our luggage (yes really 10 hockey jerseys) so we fit on the plane. Almost miss it while grabbing a bagel for supper (missed the first boarding call and all we heard was the final boarding call for our flight, eek!). Finally get home around 9:00 last night. I missed Daisy tons and I also wanted to see if my PVR worked (and it did somewhat, also broke a bit. Same thing this morning, some channels aren't coming in, not sure what the problem is). Anyway, I also organized all my make-up. I have too much. Especially considering I only wear a mineral powder, eyeliner, and mascara every day. I've got blushes and eyeshadows and all kinds of pencils and lipsticks and so on that I never use. I've already sorted out the stuff, I really never use and that's in a give away bag. (colors that look bad on me, stuff I just don't wear ever). Then I sorted out unopened packages that I'll put in the garage sale this spring. Again, bad colors or something. Then I sorted my every day things into one container in the bathroom, made a travel set of everything for going home. Put another travel/miniature set in the purse. Then put some special occassion stuff in another container and put that in the bathroom (in the back of the drawer). All the other special occassion, fun for a makeover or something (like all these random colors of eyeshadow) I put in a train case in my bedroom.

Anybody have an opinion on this? I wear basically the same couple colors of eyeshadow (when I wear it) sort of plum colors, some pinkish browns. Varying the intensity dependant on the occassion. I've also got greens, greys, brown browns, tans, shimmery pales, etc etc. I never wear this stuff, but totally could. But I guess I just dress for my eyes, colors that look good with green, and neutral/natural looking (like I can do smokey eye, but not in like metallic or green, but my neutrally shade). When do I wear the interesting colors. I wear these ones because I think they make me look prettiest. Should I change it up and match my outfits more or something?

Anyway, so that was my weekend. Eating wasn't good. But I watched a few Bulging Brides and stuff like that. One in particular basically had my starting stats. (granted she ate horribly currently and never worked out), in 6 weeks she lost 10 lbs and 2 inches off everywhere. (exactly what I want to do.) And she could do it in 6 weeks. I can eat like that and workout like that. I dunno, it sort of fired me up. Plus I've got a new goal lululemon top, my step training right away and really seeing the countdown to sis's wedding looming. Plus I'm super unhappy with how I look right now. I'm going backwards. So ready to be serious now.


smellyshelley said...

You can do 10 pounds in 6 weeks, just hunker down!

Sara said...

Wow what a weekend!!! Well I'm glad you guys had fun (bar 3 hours)!

Re: eyeshadow, I've always heard match your eyes and face not your outfit!

Lainey said...

Ha! You're welcome! Glad you had fun! Too bad about the fight, though. My husband used to be an ass on trips, but when we went on our honeymoon cruise, I told him if he acted like a jerk I'd throw him into the ocean. I'm sure he knew I wasn't serious, but he behaved very well. Threats, baby. It's all about the threats. :o)

I know nothing about makeup, so can't help you there.

eurydice said...

whoa monster post alert. that is too bad about the fights... sometimes it can't be avoided. whenever my bf and i travel, i go to the hotel breakfast with a basket or bag (not joking) and get stuff for the two of us, because i'd rather wake up early and eat for free, and he would rather sleep in. crazy! i love buying new stuff. that part about zellers made me laugh HA!

Anonymous said...