Friday, January 9, 2009

Hubby won - for now

I lost 1.4 lbs this week, to 144.4 (still a gross number but can't complain about the loss right?!)
Hubby lost 1.8 lbs! PLUS he beat me on the exercise, (his 1.5 hour hockey games are tough to compete with!) he had 5 hours, I had 3.5 hours. Both of us did really great and let's hope it continues!

He'll also have a big edge over me on the exercise next week, he's got a hockey tournament! (Minimum 4.5 hours from just hockey). but both my exercise classes get going next week too, so I should manage a bit higher. We'll see how it goes!

Yesterday I only did my weights, not the treadmill. Instead I took down the Christmas decorations and put it all away, set up and started a back-up with my external hard drive (came in the mail, yay!), taught hubby how to download movies (shh!) and went to bed early with a book that came in from the library (the Tipping Point, so far so good).

Not too many plans for the weekend. Want to do a scrub of the bathroom, maybe some scrapbooking or something. Mostly I want to get a start (maybe finish?) on my thesis edits. One of my committee members forgot his edits during my defense and isn't replying to emails now so my supervisor said I can just do without his edits. Sweet. Still probably tons to do, but now only 2/3!

Sunday my parents are coming up. Mom and I are going with Sis to a wedding show. Should be fun. Get ideas at least. The boys are (maybe?) going to finally hook up our PVR dish. It's supposed to be decent weather Sunday and there's only a few more weeks until free tv is gone. Then for supper Dad is having his "company" Christmas party. The company consists of he and mom, when we were kids we'd help with office stuff and get paid so we're considered employees. and if it's a work party then it's tax deductible or something right? Anyway we're going for Indian food I think. Should be interesting, most of my family is not really into cultural food.

Oh, and seems this style of bridesmaid dress is popular huh? These ones are sort of an emerald green color (well not really, but bold like that, more olive than emerald, but really a bright green color, no pastels for me!). And I've come to grips with the size, I do think they want to nail me on the alterations, plus they have no idea if I'm really capable of losing any weight by then do they? Well I am going to lose weight, and it IS going to need alterations, but I'm not going to have them done there. :p

Ok, well hope everyone has a good weekend. SO glad it's friday, though the week has really flown by for me for some reason!


Vanessa said...

Great job on the loss and the exercise! Sounds like you and hubby both had a pretty awesome week.

Dbf and I download movies all the time. Renting/buying/going to the theatre just adds up too much to justify :P

Sagan said...

Such good healthy competition!

My mums my boss, and the only other person who works with us is my sister. So we had a little Christmas office party too with just the three of us lol (dad isn't in the country at present). Hurray for being tax deductible!

Jen said...

WOOT, that is great!!! But I think you are totally going to kick hubby's ass next week!!!

PFFT...all I do is download...seriously, I DO pay for music sometimes, but I download a LOT, it's not like you are selling it for money!!! (we just got an external hard drive as well!!! Danny was so super excited!!!)

And good for you for coming to terms with the dress!!! It is such a weird system (and they want girls to feel hot in their wedding dresses, so why not vanity size them???). DEFINITELY don't get it altered at the company, take it somewhere you trust (or do it yourself if you feel capable!!)

eurydice said...

so do you have to be his slave now?

and as per downloading movies, the term "pirating" only refers to making copies of the download and selling them, so i don't think it's officially illegal to download them... just frowned upon.

tash said...

How much time does he actually spend on the ice while playing hockey? I thought they switched players a lot of something. Maybe that sound factor in . . . I'm all about you winning :)

Angie All The Way said...

Yay for hubby!!! I bet it makes him feel good to beat you! ;-)

Have fun with the family this weekend!

Sara said...

Yay for both of you guys!!