Thursday, January 15, 2009


I've got a cold sore in the corner where my bottom lip meets my gums. HURTS SO BAD! I am actually in more pain than I am comfortable being in. Makes me feel like a wuss. But I can't eat. I'm really hungry and I can't eat. (It doesn't really hurt when I just sit here and don't use my mouth, but that's not possible while eating). I guess it's good for the old diet though. I even put on my sore mouth medicine (basically like the stuff they give you at the dentist before they give you the needle, just really mild numbing stuff). Didn't work at all. boo hoo. I guess I'll drink more tea.


Anonymous said...

Can you manage some kind of smoothiie or protein shake through a straw?

Jen said...

ouch!!!!! I agree...maybe something liquid!!! I sometimes get cold sores on the outside of my lip...but I can't imagine!! OUCH!!!!

Lainey said...

There's this mouthwash you can get called "Sterisol" that is supposed to help canker sores. Works for me.