Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Goal Post

Goals for 2009. I won't say resolutions, because I like goals. And I want them to be something I can either check or X at the end of the year. I did it or not, not something where I did most of the time. That makes it hard to come up with these. But I did it last year and I was conscious of them all year which is great (I knew I had to do another charity thing after August for example). So here goes.

1. Get pregnant by the end of the year. There ya go, with that on my plate, it's sort of hard to make a lot of other things because I don't know much about being pregnant (can't have any weight loss goals for the end of the year now can I? also hard to say how many races I can do etc, how much money I can save up, what holidays we can do). I think I will allow a reassessment of goals when I do get pregnant because I'm sure I'll want to make pregnancy goals (save this much for baby, exercise so often etc).

2. Weigh less than 135 when I do get pregnant. I'd like that to be the top end of my comfort range. I was 1 lb away before and I loved it. Should hopefully be able to get there soonish and win my challenge with hubby. So I'm going to change that to weigh less than 135 by my 27th birthday in March. 10 lbs in almost 3 months. doable.

3. Donate $200 to charity over the year. Not just the kids who knock on the door to sell chocolates, but find a charity that I believe in and seek them out.

4. Exercise 150 days this year. (about 3 days a week, fine on regular weeks but tough on vacations, holidays, when I'm sick etc.) with this goes keeping track of my exercising. Blog will be good for this.

5. Have $1000 in my personal account at the end of the year. (we get $400/month for personal, and it includes clothes, make-up, scrapbook supplies, gym memberships, hair cuts etc. I always spend it because I have it, but I don't need this stuff. I want to save up for my big ticket wants - a piano, a holiday in Europe, etc).

6. Read 6 books by the end of the year. I used to read all the time, (6 books a week sort of thing) but it took over my life, I'd do nothing but read. So I gave it up. But I got books for Christmas a year ago I haven't read yet. That's ridiculous. I read 1 book all last year, and it was between Christmas and New Year's.

I want to say be more efficient, stop procrastinating, keep a clean house, be more proactive, don't be lazy. But there's no way to be accountable with that sort of stuff. So it won't go here, it'll go on the weekly or monthly plans. I dunno, I don't really feel great about this list. But again, I'm quite happy with how everything is going my life. I don't really think I need to change to many things over the next year. Plus it's hard to plan for a year when there's going be a big upheaval in the middle of it. Well we'll go with this. Plus I think I'd like to do some more monthly and weekly goals. Things like make sure the house is clean before I go to bed, put laundry away as it's done. Little things I can keep track of for a short time but couldn't put on my 2009 list. Any thoughts anybody? Am I wussing out compared to last time?


Carolyn said...

I like the goals vs resolutions thing. Much better approach in my mind.

Tha fact that getting preggo is on there make sme excited. Scott and I have been hoping to get settled and start trying this year too! That would be fun to be pregnant together even though your thousands of miles away!

I think the rest of your goals are very doable. You will rock it for sure. Oh and congrats on the new treeadmill. I'm soo jealous!

Oh and I like the reading goal too. I just started getting back into reading. I just finished Marley & Me and few weeks ago. So good!! Now I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love. What kind of books do you like?

Vanessa said...

I like goals instead of resolutions too. My only resolution this year was to make it a better year than the last...and the 15 goals I set should accomplish that.

You're gonna make such a cute pregnant lady :)

Anonymous said...

I prefer goals, too. You have really great ones. Two of my favorite organizations to donate money to are World Vision and Doctors Without Borders, they're really good.

So exciting about trying to get pregnant! Good luck!

Jen said...

I agree with goals...gives you something to work for whereas resolutions almost...I don't know, it's just a stigma on the word or something!

I love the idea of Monthly goals...I added my "resolutions" to my monthly goals so I can re-assess them at the end of the month.
Did I walk Charlie daily? check, read more? check, floss my teeth? work on it...or something like that...then hopefully the things I did more often would become routine and I could work the others in...does that make sense???

I think there are going to be a LOT of pregnancies around here this year!!! We are going to be a bountiful bunch!!!

anna said...

great goals! i think i should make some too. i love your goal #5! i struggle with that exact same thing! good luck! you can do it!

Sara said...

I'm the same - I don't do resolutions! I think that those are all great goals!! I think alot of people this year want to get preggers by the sounds of things!

I love love love to read, I just can not imagine my life without it. I am always giving away books to my friends (it is a big joke). So I love that that is one of your goals!

eurydice said...

i am so excited for your first goal!!!! wheeee!!!