Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday plan

Hey dudes,
so first a quick recap of my weekend. Then the plan for the week.

Friday night apparently we were having company. I didn't know about it. I knew that the guy was coming, but not his wife too. So instead of having the night to myself like I love, I had to entertain this girl who has too much drama in her life. Granted it's not her fault, but I wouldn't be talking so freely and openly about personal issues like she is. She deals with things poorly and just bitches about stuff all the time. Anyway, after listening to as much as I could, and playing with our puppy's to exhaustion, we watched the Sound of Music. Sweet. She's never seen it yet is helping put on the production at the school she teaches at or something. And it's a long movie so it killed the entire time the guys were at hockey.

oh, I should say that I deep fried french fries (since I thought it was a bunch of guys coming over, burgers and fries, but turned out it was just this couple.) anyway, I didn't eat a ton or anything and blotted them off well. I let the oil cool over night, and the next morning I was so naseated by everything about that oil and fries! It was horrible. I felt completely sick to my stomach every time I tried to clean up. It made me think of what morning sickness must be like, every smell just hurt. Luckily I didn't have to hang around it for long.

Saturday morning I got up and hit the treadmill first thing. Did 30 minutes, varying incline. I think that's what's killing me, I'm used to just flat, even when I was at my peak of running. I was very tired and sweaty after (and slightly sick feeling) so I lay down on the living room floor and slept for an hour. Weird. Got up and had to shower and head into the city to get together with my girlfriends for some visiting. Another puppy date.

We're trying to organize a ladies group or a splurge group or something. But I can tell already it's going to be really tough. Me and these 2 other girls have completely conflicting schedules, so what's it going to be like with 10 people? Plus we were having a hard time coming up with people we wanted to invite. We'll see though. We're supposed to figure it out this week.

So we just visited and ate artichoke dip. They were not as pumped as I wanted them to be about my fitness instructor thing. But that's ok. I think they can't really see it happening. Just one of those things we say.

Anyway, then I hit the drug store, bought a bunch of random things I always forget to buy and headed home to COOK! I semi-thawed out (so I could get them apart and cut them, they were still frozen, just softer) a warehouse pack of steaks, a warehouse pack of pork tenderloin, and a giant bag of chicken breasts. while I did that I cooked up a package of italian sausage meat (which turns out I don't like, too greasy, basically ground seasoned pork), grilled some peppers, zucchini, onion, and carrots, cooked up some rotini and tossed it all together with some basil pesto. SOOO GOOD! I used tons and tons of veggies, so it was a lot of food. I saved enough leftovers in the fridge for a couple meals, and also froze 2 good sized meals worth.

Then the cooking. I made and froze:
lots of pork souvlaki
pork stir fry
a seasoned pork roast (I think asian flavoured or something)
steak stir fry
lots of steak in marinade
lots of marinated chicken
chicken stir fry
peanut chicken

Probably 16 good suppers at least. Like a month's worth of meals (we do lots of leftovers and just quick throw togethers like burgers or something). I was actually sore when I was done (my neck and feet). Took a good 4 hours. I was going to do meatballs too, but I only had frozen beef and thought it probably wasn't good to thaw and then freeze the meat. So I'll just wait until I buy fresh meat to make them.

Sunday we had plans to go for breakfast with my sister and her fiance. I thought we had a coupon at Grainfields but turns out it was only mon-fri. How am I supposed to use a buy one get one coupon for breakfast during the week? I can't, that's how. Anyway, I was debating for awhile on what to get, but decided on the belgium waffle with strawberries and whipped cream. I like it better than cupcakes or cake or pie or most anything. It was soo good. Not good for me, I got quite the sugar crash later on. but it actually kept me mostly full until a snack at 3:00 and then supper. My sister came over after breakfast and I helped her make a wedding budget (which she'd never done) and identified lots of the things she had to figure out still (and her wedding is actually approaching fairly quick, 4 months). She was driving me bananas with all her lack of plans for her wedding. So we figured that out mostly (you can have a great big giant wedding in SK for about $7500!) then worked on her invitations. Got the stamping parts of those about half done. Still has to do the words and printing, then slap these things on. Not too terrible.

Anyway, when she left for some reason I started watching Titanic. That's a long movie so that's all I did for the rest of the night! Well that and... I ran on the treadmill watching Titanic! Doesn't that seem weird? Like it should be something you do to comedies only? But I had no incline and set the speed nice and low and ran 5k and watched the middle of titanic. I actually managed to not need breaks or anything or look at the clock too often, so it was actually a good run.

Today I had to drop the SUV off to get the door fixed and picked up a Dodge Calibre courtesy vehicle. Anybody have one of these? I really like it so far. (we're thinking of getting a new car in the spring).

So now the week plan:
Tonight, fitness class (weights). Gonna talk to my instructor a bit more about how to go about being an instructor. I'm sort of leaning towards getting the instructor courses, not so much the BTS step course, I think if I teach I'd feel much better if I was teaching what I made up to my own songs sort of wherever I wanted. With BTS you have to pay like a license fee and buy your music from them and only certain gyms teach that stuff. Plus it's like an extra $250 to do that on top of the just instructor stuff. HOWEVER, that's the only course Kim really talked to me about and sort of pushed me towards. If I only need that class, and it could be in place of the other courses, then I would do it, teach sooner, see if I like it, then take the rest. So I guess I gotta talk to her. That's the plan tonight. (I'm nervous about it!)

Then at the wedding show I went to a couple weeks ago, I entered a draw and won! It's not a great prize, they're giving it to tons of people (if not everyone who entered, good for business kinda thing). 2 weeks free at this new gym (so basically nothing right there, they all have 2 week free trials) AND a session with a personal trainer (for you and a friend). So my sister and I are doing that tuesday after work. She said it's gonna be a full thing, like she'll tour the gym with us, show us how to use things, weigh us, take our measurements (I'm hoping body fat, not just inches) and then build a program for each of us. Pretty cool huh? It's going to be weird going with my tiny sister, we never really talk weight or fat or anything and she's never been more than probably 120 lbs. (however I am probably 3 times stronger than her!) So Tuesday we're doing that.

Wed, class again.

the rest of the week has no plans yet. I realized I really need to finish my thesis edits and get that done so I can really really officially be done school. So my goal is to by the end of the weekend have that ready to hand off again.

Other goal, exercise 6 days this week. (did it last week, beat hubby, and he had to clean my car inside and out, SWEET!) Fridays seem to be toughest for me. Not sure why. But I got both weekend days in! Let's have a repeat of that.

Get those 2 done, that's all I've got for now. I'm getting much better at the eating too, if I find something that's really tripping me up, I'm getting rid of it. (hid the dino-sours on the weekend). Plus the fridge is stocked with healthy and yummy treats. Making plans for a nice loss this week!


Jen said...

Holy busy week!!!

That's great that you are going to talk to your intstructor!!! Maybe she can tell you a bit more that you need to know about it!!!!

And yay on winning the prize!!! You might learn something new and interesting!!!!

(Have you ever tried turkey italian sausage??)

Lindsay said...

wow look at all that food!!
I really need to do something like that one of these weekends!

That would be pretty neat if you became an instructor!! you get to workout for free (once you pay the money for the courses)!