Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Feeling oh so nice

Well when I'm not feeling fat I'm feeling oh so nice, because I'm feeling like I'm really doing something about it! There's that catch 22 thing again, sucks when you're out of shape and fat but it is great for making improvements!

Yesterday I got home pretty late after getting groceries, lots of healthy stuff, a few treats (not bad, just like pudding snacks and cans of stew). Hubby was home at 4:00 but did not make supper. He did do some other chores, but supper just isn't on his radar. He saw the hamburger meat I thawed on the cupboard but didn't know what I wanted to do with it so just made himself a sandwich instead. Duh. So I also had 2 tuna bunwiches, glass of milk and too many slices of fruitcake (I love my Christmas fruitcake, don't understand where it got such a nasty reputation from). I did realize I shouldn't be eating it (as I shoved it in my mouth) but it made me get up and change and put my workout clothes on and do a beginner turbulence training workout. I chose the beginner because I was quite sore still from my monday class and wanted to ease into it. It was over quick and then I did some intervals on the treadmill. Bad thing about my treadmill is that you have to push the button once for every 0.1 mile/hr increase. So to go from my jog at 6 to a run at 8 I had to push it 20 times, then to recover with a walk at 4 I had to push it 40 times! I think I can set up a custom program, I'll look into this tonight. Anyway, did a good 15 minute of hard intervals then a cool down walk with Daisy. She gave me such a face when we went upstairs that I took her outside for a quick walk too just to get the mail. I think the horrible weather might be ending soon (like colder than -30 with the windchill for a high!) so she'll start having more fun.

So basically I did my workout, then cleaned up around the house a bit. The house was super spotless for the party on the weekend so I'm trying hard this month to keep it in company presentation mode. (no more emergency cleaning when somebody calls that they're coming over, we'll always be ready!)

Hubby basically napped on the couch until bedtime yesterday. He's not feeling well. Then of course today I start feeling a bit of a cold coming on. booo! I hate being sick but it's amazing how you take for granted that nothing's wrong huh?

Anyway, today I'm leaving work early and going bridesmaid dress shopping with my sister for her wedding. I hate that I'm going to have to try on dresses with this extra 10lbs on, hopefully I can figure out how to order a dress that will fit me in June without tons of alterations. Then I'm headed home.

I want to be more productive this year (hard to quantify) so I'm going to start making a list for at least a couple nights a week of all the things I want to get done:
- make supper, pack leftovers for lunch
- jog 30 minutes on treadmill
- take down Christmas decorations/clean house
- get new contact for fixing my mixer, try calling

That's it for have to do. writing that out makes me think it might be a better idea to do weekly tasks. Since I'm not sure how much I can get done in a night. Other things I want to do this week:
- Book my first appointment from my Christmas gift certificate*
- send away massage receipts for insurance
- hang up new curtains in living room
- Finish all laundry in basement
- Start final thesis edits
- track down external hard drive, connect and back-up computers

There are a few other things I'd like to do but I need hubby's help and he's got hockey every night for the rest of the week so we'll see.


Carolyn said...

Ewwww Fruitcake! Seriously Randi?? Yuck!

Glad you are back on track and starting to feel back to normal again. I pulled on my pants and they didn't feel tight fir the first time in 2 weeks. Feels soooo good.

Jen said...

I agree...I am not a huge fan of fruitcake either!!! (Cherry cake though, YES PLEASE!!!)

That sounds like a huge pain about your treadmill! Hope you can get something figured out!!!

And I love love love doing things "list style"!! Even if they are just things I want to improve (like keeping the house in company ready shape!)

Lainey said...

Mmmm, I love fruitcake too! I didn't have any this year, though, because it's just too high in calories!

tash said...

I love fruitcake - it is so delicious!

Tanya said...

I love fruitcake too... and had two loafs in my house so I ate tonnes of it... then Warren managed to get the LAST PIECE off the counter... and it was a good 2 inches thick. A little excessive for a 16 month old.

Sagan said...

Ooh photo of dress when you get it please!

It's so cute to see the dogs come into the vet clinic I work at, they all have booties and jackets because of the cold and they all HATE those booties so much hehe.