Tuesday, January 20, 2009


SO I just got an email and then called Ashley from World Gym who got my name from Kim and heard that I was interested in taking the STEP instructor course and teaching at the gym!!! I am so excited. We've got an interview set up for 6:45 on Thursday. EEEEKKKK!

HOW DO YOU GO TO AN INFORMAL INTERVIEW TO BE A STEP INSTRUCTOR??? Like what do you even wear? Should I bring a resume even though there's nothing fitness on it? There's teaching stuff but mostly engineering. And seriously, what should I wear? Probably just what I wear to work, like khaki's and a nice tshirt and bunnyhug? (I heard interviews should be 1 step up from what you'd wear to work, like a mechanic goes one step up from dirty jeans, a lawyer goes one step up from a suit [a tux? 3 piece suit?] so on, so what's 1 step up from workout wear?) Maybe my nicer work clothes, but still running shoes?

ANYWAY, guess what she said? That I DON'T need to have the SPRA training (2 courses and CPR) before I can teach, I can do it with ONLY the BTS training. Meaning, I can do it with just the $240 course! So I could do that for awhile, see if I like it, not rush around trying to get all these coarses ASAP. Sweet! And she said they've got lots of instructors doing that right now, some have both, some have just the other etc. I think if I really like it I'd want to get the other training as well, but I can give it a trial run first.

And in her email she was like "so you want to teach? Awesome because we need a new step teacher" but on the phone she sounded like there was already a lot of people doing the instructor course (or maybe she said NOT a lot of people...). So I don't know if this is a job interview like there's competition, or if it's an informal interview like she said in the email... Oh well. either way, I am a good person and good teacher, and would work hard etc etc, I can only be myself in the interview either way. Just one way I'd get nervous about it. No point in that right? I'm going to post her whole email so you guys can be all excited too and tell me how you gauge her to be (am I a shoe in or what?)

"Hi Randi,

I was passed your contact info from Kim, and I understand you are interested in teaching for World Gym? M is our Fitness Director at World Gym and I'm more or less her little helper so you'd be dealing with the both of us. If you are available we would like to have you come into the gym for a little informal interview just so we can meet you, answer any questions you might have and show you around the facility. I work during the day so evenings or weekends would work best for me, but either way just let us know when you're available and we'll schedule something in. I don't know if you have been to World Gym yet, but it is a beautiful facility with lots of little perks for the instructors too :)

Kim said you were interested in taking the Group STEP training?? That would be awesome as we could use another step instructor. We are hosting training on Feb 21st & 22nd (right at the gym). Cost is $240 for the training and once you are certified and teaching World will reimburse $100 towards the cost of training.

Feel free to give me a call #### or just pop me a email. You could also get ahold of M.at ####.

Hope to see you soon!


SOO? sounds good right? (off to my personal training now! yay!)


Vanessa said...

Woohoo! That's awesome. You'll make a great teacher :D

the new sarah sundae said...

Sounds awesome!

Jen said...


As for what to wear (of course right?), she DEFINITELY said informal interview so I would go with Khakis like you said and maybe a polo or nice top??? Or even a nicer zip up running jacket...something that says sporty and fit but still professional and well kept (I would try to avoid anything with a hood on it, just so that you don't look TOO laid back)...

I am so so so so so so so excited for you!!!

eurydice said...

wicked! i would say dress business casual and bring a resume, just in case.