Tuesday, January 20, 2009

interesting posts

Does that make you think i'm talking about my own posts? Like I'm calling myself interesting? Actually the opposite. I want to compliment you guys on your interesting posts and topics. I often find myself leaving huge comments on people blogs and could say much much more about a topic (sorry Vanessa for such a long comment today!) but when it comes to my own posts, I even bore myself sometimes! i'll try and be more interesting and thought provoking.

but not right now. recap of yesterday:

not too hungry so I ate just a small supper, a few roasted sweet potato chunks (canola spray and rosemary, cook in casserole dish for 30 minutes, soo good!), 2 cubes from a pork souvlaki, and a big plate full of broccoli and cauliflower in a bit of cheese sauce.

Stupid hubby started watching the Dark Knight which I have not seen yet, but I had to go to class in the middle of! I can't stand that! some movies require a big deal to be made, not just watch 10 minutes here and there. Grr.

Anyway, went to weight class. Pushed nice and hard. I think I have to work a bit more on form for my squats and lunges. Once I start to fatigue I get nervous that there's going to be lots more and I'll be too tired so I just do them a bit easier, don't go all the way down and don't focus on my muscles (because that makes it hurt more, but that's also the point). Anyway, did a good workout, legs were jello after squats, tummy died after abs, but everything feels pretty good today. If I tense some muscles I can tell I worked out, nothing hurts. Which is good for a change because I want to give my all with my personal trainer today. Should be fun.

Also talked to my instructor about taking the step instructor thing. Gonna do it. I do need to have the other classes as well, so it's the $1000 option, but she said she would hire me to teach at the gym she works at in the city (apparently she's got that power) AND said we could add another community class where I live. So that would be at least 2 gigs, (2 nights a week?) minimum that I could teach, help make the money back. Oh plus she said that her gym pays for half of the training of the one class, so takes off a couple hundred bucks. Plus I'm looking into work paying for my CPR, not sure about that yet. I sort of don't want to tell them why I want it.

So a recap of what I need:
theory course (and test)
group training course
CPR and First Aid
Step specific course

Each of those is $200-$300. GULP!

Anyway, the theory course is offered not this weekend, but next (31st) so I feel like I should really jump on it and take it (not sure when it's offered again!) Then next would be the step course in Feb, then the group course in March I think. CPR is offered quite often so I could take it sort of whenever. I guess since those work out and are in quick enough order, that I should sign up for them and get some training under my belt.

When I was talking to Kim after class this other girl was there, (the one who I complained about before being all competetive with me, using same weights and talking about running etc.), I guess she knows Kim from something else. Anyway, that girl was all like "I'd love to teach a class like this one [weights], not sure about step" (she doesn't take the step class) and Kim said "yeah it's a lot of work, it's not cheap and you don't make money at it. But it's a lot of fun, Randi you should totally take the weight instructor course when it's offered after the step one!" sort of just blowing that girl off! ha! and she said "it's a really tough weekend training" and the girl said "yeah your endurance must be really challenged" and Kim said "yeah, but Randi you'll have no problem with that". I wonder if she noticed this girl "competing" with me and has chosen me as her favorite or something. Score! Teacher's pet. In your face other girl!


Not much else to talk about. Pretty excited now that i've made my decision and am really going to do this. gonna go look stuff up online about it now over lunch! (and eat my salad I brought, YUM and yay for a salad, time to get serious about this pudge!)


Vanessa said...

I love long comments! Thanks for thinking I'm interesting =)

Sara said...

You and your competitiveness are too funny - had me giggling in my cubicle!!

Yay for doing it! You need to let us all in on the theory stuff - I betcha it will be very interesting!