Friday, January 23, 2009

Sooo...what happened?

This is for you Carolyn, I would have waited until noon to post if you didn't leave your comment!

Soo....after work yesterday I went to the gym, I realized I was a bit early so bought a water bottle next door first. Then I realized I'm now a bit late (5:15, and I have to meet people and change before a class at 5:30, so I guess right on time really). Anyway, so I go in, tell them who I am and who I'm there to see. They make me fill out a form (the waiver of injury thing, and address etc) then A comes up beside me. She's really cute, super short, way nice. Good so far. She points out the change room and the classroom and says we'll meet in there for the class. Awesome.

Oh, I should say, this gym is a DREAM! It's brand new, (membership is $700 a year!), has a second level that is open to the first (so the main floor has super high ceilings), the main floor is weight machines, a yoga class room, a spin room, the change rooms, some offices, a juice bar and sandwich bar etc. Upstairs is a classroom for step and sculpt etc and all the cardio machines (which all have their own tv!).

So I go change, the lockerroom/bathroom is gorgeous. They've got a sauna or something too. Plus hairdryers set up for you to use (not hotel crappy ones either, I thought somebody forgot their own there, but then saw that they were everywhere!) Change quick, go upstairs. Set up for class. There were only about 5 of us in this class. And it's the same class that my weight class on Mondays is so I was a pro. However she used barbells instead of dumbells, and did NOT mention anything about dropping the weight if it was too hard like my monday class, so I suffered through some killer lunges and curls and stuff. Plus there were mirrors all around so I got to see how nasty my butt looks during squats. hmm.

Anyway, after class we went to meet M who is really in charge of hiring I guess, she was this older woman with some kind of european accent. Very yoga like lady. Again, really nice. I met her and had a tour of the building with A. Then back to M. She's really nice, but not very good business lady. Or just a bit flighty. She kept getting distracted and asking A about other gym things, that I probably shouldn't be a part of.

Anyway, did I get the job? YES!

There was actually no interview, I think they thought they were the interview-ee as well. They were basically trying to sell me on the place, tell me what the perks are, how things work as far as scheduling etc. I told them I had no fitness teaching experience but they didn't care in the least. M just said something like "well you look like you'd be confident" or something. Ok.

So what are the perks? $25 per class, which A says is the highest in the city. So like I expected. Since they're new, they still do all scheduled classes but are starting to go by attendance soon. As in, if there's less than 5 people, class is cancelled or something. But I'd still get $15 for being there. I get free membership to the gym for me and my spouse (I'm wondering if they can switch that to my little brother who lives near there and wants to join the gym but it's too expensive. Hubby will never come in to the city for it). So that's like $1400 right there! 20% off all products which includes the juice bar! I think there were others but I don't remember.

So they agreed with me on probably 2 classes/week. Maybe 3. But they do alternating things sometimes with instructors, especially for weekend classes so you still get every second weekend off. Plus (as they seemed like they were trying to get me instead of me trying to work there) they basically asked what times would work best for me, so there shouldn't be too much extra driving for me. Plus she gave me some free drop in passes to various classes and just the gym in general which is cool. And M said to A (the part I probably didn't need to hear) "so would we start scheduling her in March after the class?" and A was like "well we'll see how the class goes, and how she feels, she'd only have 1 week to learn the routine and then teach by March." so it seems totally in my hands.

Oh, one interesting thing, after the course, I have to get video taped doing the class and then send it in to BTS to be accredited or something. Weird. But i'm sure I'll be fine after the training (which A sent me some info on). Oh, and the training will cost $240, but then $100 will be reimbursed after I start teaching, so only $140, which I'll make back in a month! Woohoo!

How cool is this?


healthy ashley said...

That is really cool! I'm glad the whole thing ended up working in your favor. I'm sure you'll be great and you do sound really confident about it. Good luck!

Jen said...

I read this at work so it was really hard not to be all squealy and excited for you (which I am on the inside still!!!!!)

I am so so so excited for you!!! I think this is a FANTASTIC opportunity for you! PLUS since they are willing to be flexible, they probably wouldn't have an issue with you teaching pre-natal classes when the time comes!!! It turned out to be a fantastic deal hey????

Sagan said...

So exciting! Congratulations! That gym sounds like a dream. It will be so much fun to hear how it all goes for you.

Genevieve said...

Everything about the instructor perks, the type of gym and how they structure the training/scheduling and all the stuff for instructors sounds a lot like my gym in BC (it's an independent, not a chain). I love my gym for all those reasons!!! But of course, I should have started this comment with a congratulations!! You will be just awesome I am sure. (You need to do the video for BTS to make sure that you are teaching 'their' material properly - it's so that they have control over the franchise and the content and the way that the instructors teach it - not really a big deal, but some feel it is a big "Big Brother" thing)

eurydice said...

wow that sounds amazing! i love a classy gym!