Thursday, January 8, 2009

We got dresses!

We found bridesmaid dresses for my sister's wedding. They're the most gorgeous green ever. And I look stunning in green. It's a fact. So I have to be happy just for that.

The dresses are knee length, strapless, have that side gathering thing that I guess is universally flattering. I liked other dresses better but the color of this one was perfect and everyone else liked it best. Interesting thing I found out yesterday, droopage aside, my boobs are much lower than the average person's. We tried on a dress (both the other bridesmaid and I at the same time, they had 2 samples, same size, oh yeah, this girl and I are the same size) and it was way skanky and revealing on the other girl, but looked really nice on me. Couldn't even see my bra, where as the other girl was boob city. Tracked it back to my low boobs. Interesting, can't say it's really something I'm pleased to have, but I guess it hasn't hurt me yet.

The dress is also lace-up in the back which is wonderful. Means no alterations (if I can help it!). However they measured us up and I wasn't pleased. I knew I had gained weight in December right? all my clothes were tight and my jeans that used to need a belt were almost snug. Ok I'm working on it. But maybe not the best time to buy a dress? The dresses we were trying on were 8's and they were a bit tight. But I figured that when I got back to my fighting weight that'd be exactly what I need. However they measure me, and tell me a 12. Same exact thing that happened with my wedding dress! Boo them! There's not a piece of clothing I own that's a 12, and even at my biggest I wasn't a 12 in dresses. We compromised - siting the lace up - on a 10. It's sort of embarrassing to tell people that you plan on losing weight for the wedding. First because I'm always embarrassed when talking (to real life people) about my weight. Second because I'm sure everyone says that!

anyway, hopefully with the lace-up I can get down to an 8 size, and just lace it up tighter. My wedding dress I ordered the 9 (the one I was trying on) and then when my wedding came I had to lace it so tight the sides were touching, it didn't look lace-up at all. But it still fit I guess!

I can add another 30 minute run to my log for yesterday. I really feel out of shape, I did the conversion and tried to run most of it at my old pace (10.5 km/hr was my slow) and it was UNCOMFORTABLE! I had to take a walk break at 15 minutes, but then added time to make it 30 minutes of running. Ugh. Oh well I guess I'll eventually get back there right?

Got everythign on my list done except the taking down Christmas decorations, but that was because hubby was sleeping with all the lights off on the couch in the living room and yelled at me for making noise (to which I yelled back, sorry for being awake and alive when it's normal for people to be awake - 8:00 at night! I'd understand if it was 11:00pm or something, but seriously, go to the bedroom!) Instead I went to the bedroom and talked on the phone for an hour to my mom and sister and brother. Then did a bit of laundry and house cleaning and then bed. Love being productive. But I didn't realize that the People's Choice Awards were on and that I missed them. I like having mindless tv like that on when I do stuff in the evening. oh well. It didn't hurt me to miss it either.

Tonight all the shows are back on so it will be a slack night. Treadmill's downstairs so can't watch tv and run, but I think I'll do some strength stuff during Grey's and maybe skip ER to jog. We'll see. I'm doing awesome at hitting the treadmill every day, but I don't have to do that, I don't want to burn myself out. However now I've got a little green dress I've got to fit into for motivation!


Jen said...

OOH, what KIND of green??? I LOVE green!! The wedding I am in we are wearing brown...which is alright because the guys were going to wear orange...well now, it's just all brown, which seems kind of, I don't know, dull to me???

Anyhoo, yeah, I had issues when I ordered my bridesmaids dress too...they were trying to order 2 sizes BIGGER than the dress I wore (same designer) last year when I was 30 lbs, no? So I compromised with them as well...what bothers me though is it's my hips that's the problem and the dress is super flowy (it's a strapless party dress, the skirt poofs out a lot) and so it's like why not get it to fit the REST of me and the poufy skirt will hide my problems...argh...

Anyhoo, at least if (WHEN) you get to an 8 you could even have the sides taken in if the back didn't lace properly!!

And that is friggin great that you are getting a lot of use out of your treadmill!!

Vanessa said...

The dress sounds gorgeous! I love green :D.

Glad you're getting lots of use out of the treadmill. That's awesome :D

eurydice said...

i LOVE green too. great colour choice. and i'm pretty sure that wedding dresses and bridesmaid's ones are always bigger in size than normal clothes. really if you end up losing too much weight (to fit in the dress) you can just take it somewhere on your own to have it altered.

Sara said...

I love green for weddings - and that dress sounds awesome!

My boobs are low too. But mine is sagginess, I chalk it up to the fact that started growing boobs in grade 3!

Yay for getting out there and running. You will definitely get back there!

Sonya said...

I feel your pain about dress shopping. I'm going with my friend shopping for her wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses on saturday and oh man, I don't even want to know what size I am! IT's going to be a very depressing day.

tash said...

I'm so glad you found dresses! Besides the lace-up they sound like the dress I wore for Angie's wedding. Do they happen to be "lettuce green" by any chance?

the new sarah sundae said...

You're going to look great!!

I can't wait for "Grey's" tonight!!

Angie All The Way said...

Your bridesmaids dresses sound like the same as the ones I had for MY BM's! I posted some wedding pics here:

I just LOVED the colour of green - it was beautiful. Mine weren't laceup though, but the one I wore in my friend's wedding was the exact same only long and laceup.

Glad you were able to "track it back to your low boobs! lmao You crack me up girl ;-)

Carolyn said...

They sound just like the BM dress I wore in my friend's wedding in April (which is actually the exact same dress that Angie had for her BMs) Only it wasn't lace up. Mine was black which is perfect because I could so wear it again!

I was also in a wedding in Sept and our dresses were green. Loved it. Don't sweat the size, those shops are so crazy when it comes to sizing. Part of me thinks they tell you to order a bigger size just so they can get you on the alteration costs. When I tried on a sample dress for my friend's wedding, the dress was a size 10 and it fit me really well, wasn't too tight at all. Well when I went in to order it, she took my measurements and told me to order a size 12. When I told her I tried on the sample dress and it was a 10 and wasn't even a little tight she said "Those are sample dresses and they are all stretched out" Well I ordered the 10 anyway and when it came in, I swear it was even a little bigger than the size 10 sample in the store.
Order what YOU feel comfortable with.
So glad you're getting so much use out of the treadmill! Again, I'm super jealous!

Oh and take down your Christmas decorations already!!!! It's over!